worm web
While checking out my bee hives I noticed something strange on my Gala apple tree, It was the Eastern Tent caterpillar. What I noticed was large web with caterpillars that were black with a gold or white stripe down their back. After getting over the Heebie-Jeebies I had to figure out what to do. I have noticed web worms that you see in the fall but these are not the same.

Oh the choices one must choose. Of course, these were close to the new hives so any chemical warfare was out. It was too windy and drift would be a problems. Out with the hog herding plastic. So I pulled down the web with the pole while at the same time shaking the caterpillars loose. I could had stepped on them (ew) but I could not find them in the tall grass anyway. I am hoping a friendly robin or two will have a feast.

Not the smartest idea in my head lately but I took pictures next to the entrance of the hive without protection. They were not too happy but no stings. I am glad I got some nice bees. DSC_0058

After this, since I had the camera, I decided to take some pictures of the tulips and other flowers in the garden today.