March had it ups and downs here at Cedar View.   After a death of a family member, a horrible lambing season,  our property having a near miss by an out of control grass fire, we were greeted with wonderful spring like weather. What a welcome relief after winter weather. Last week we are back to cooler windy conditions but it seems to have changed back to more like spring weather.  I am hoping it stay like that. We had a welcome relief of rain fall last night. We really need some rain to combat the dry conditions. Plant life is coming alive here with flowers galore from tulips to apple blossoms.




In the garden my new plantings for the food forest look very promising. The nacking cherries, hazelnuts and raspberry bushes are all beginning the sprout.  I am still waiting for some more plants to arrive to add to the forest. The food forest is an exciting new project here at Cedar View.

 View my Food Forest Plans here.



The garden has already began growing some of the planting I started last month. The rye grass is a couple of inches high and the some of the wheat is close behind. I see that some of the other wheat and oats are starting to sprout. The birds have seen to have found the oats and are starting to dig up the seeds so I hope they start growing very quickly. Sadly something has eaten a lot of my wheat that has just started growing. I suspect either birds or rabbits. I was really hoping to get some nice blue wheat stocks for weaving and Einkorn wheat for baking artistic bread . I hope they are able to grow back. I might have to put some netting on the livestock fence. Half of the potatoes have been planted. One 4′ x 30 food bed and two 4′ x 20′.  Most of the potatoes planted this year are the Yukon Gold with some Viking and Kennech. I began planting some carrots and lettuce. I will add more lettuce plantings weekly and plant more carrots in two weeks.

View the Main and South garden plans here and here.



Last week I made some dried celery with some of the extra celery I had.  The leaves I placed on one tray and I filled the other try with thinly sliced celery and finely ground to use for flavoring. After slicing, place in a dehydrator at 145 degrees for around 10 hour or until dry. I then finely ground the dried sliced celery for celery powder. It makes a great flavoring for many dishes.


Happy days to all until next time. I will very soon have pictures and information on my new bee project.