shirly tulip



It was one of those indoor weekends do to the doom and gloom weather. We needed the rain but I really wanted to get more planted.  I can only hope it will be dryer in a few days.

Do deal with the not so welcoming cool rainy weather we did get a few projects completed in the house. The kitchen walls have all been repainted an off white. Now the kitchen looks cleaner, brighter and more welcoming. I painted the board on top of the stove the same color but I am not totally happy with it. My mindis thinking and I have searched for ideas on the internet for ideas. The computer changed locations again. It is back into the family room.

One bedroom is now available again so it has been again changed back into a guest/sewing/crafts room. It will be nice again to have a sewing room that will have heating and cooling available. I will still need to do some touch up. My creative juices are starting to get geared up for the times when it is too hot or nasty outside. I hope it is also a nice  room for anyone visiting.





It was a nice day to have soap since it was so cool. I had some beets in the fridge and a bit of cabbage. I added diced beets and some sliced cabbage to a quarts of homemade chicken soup. It made a delicious and very easy lunch. It you do not have any home canned soup a store purchased soup without noodles would work or chicken broth and 1/2 cup cubed chicken.

1 quart of ready to eat canned chicken soup

2 medium beets, cubed

1/4 cabbage, sliced thin

Add the beets and cabbage in the soup and cook until the beets a cooked. It took about 10 minutes time


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