It has been difficult to plant this year with all the rain. Yesterday, I planted some higher beds to  flint corn, peas and soybeans. These will provide some food and biomass for compost in the future. The peas will also help provide soil conditioning. I am hoping that I do  not cause too many problems working such wet soil but I am really need to get the seeds in the ground before it get really hot.   It rained again last night so it might be a couple of more days before I am able to plant some more.  This rain is helping the new plants in the food forest and the hedge row plantings.  I must admit it is nice not to have to drag a hose around to water all of them.

I  worked with the two donkeys some more today. I try to spend at least 15 minutes per day at least with the hoofs and on the halter.  I still need to work of getting the halter training done and the desire to run off when they see the halter. It will be a while before that happens. I have also been working on hoof care. The mother is doing better with the lifting of the hoofs but the little one is not willing to have the hoofs touched. I have worked slowly with a twisted rope to lift the little hoofs up.