orange building



Last week Mr. Gadget and I flew into the Detroit area. It was a lovely visit although the traffic was more than I am used to. I am especially glad I did not have to drive but was given the driving tour from my our son.  We began dinner at the Hungarian Rhapsody. I ordered the  Hungarian Goulash Served in Kettle with Palacsinta for Dessert. It was an outstanding dinner.

The next day we ventured north to Frankenmuth. Lumbering and agriculture are still major sources of income for this area but this is also a thriving vacation haven with shopping, dining and many festivals year round.  Of course, a German meal was a necessary adventure. We ate at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant were they also serve the  Frankenmuth® Chicken plus many other German dishes.


They next day we toured closer to Detroit by going to Dearborn. We had a fun-filled day touring the Greenfield Village. This had an amazing display of homes of many famous people from Ford family home,  Robert Frost Home to George Washington Carver. There was also many other interesting styles of home in the village. It was also interesting to view the Edison’s Menlo Park and the Wright Cycle shop plus all the farm equipment.  After all the walking we stopped at the Michigan Café for a bite to eat.  We then viewed the Henry Ford Museum with all the interesting trains, cars and other very interesting exhibits.