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Month: October 2015

Good Bye Wine Rack and Herb Hanger On Day 3 OF TMS




Today we parted with a wine rack we had in the kitchen nook. It was always a bit crowded in the area and we wanted to open up more space for another person to dine without feeling confined.  I will not count  the bottles that are really empty as part of the TMS count but they are going too. I will save the corks for a backsplash in my beverage center.  The herb hanger is something I have had for a long time but now used my dehydrater so dying herbs, I still have another one on a wall that has corn hanging from it.





Feeling a Little Modivated Today- Day 2 of TMS


Scarf for the TMS Box


I feeling a little motivated  to clean out this hall closet.



Closet showing bug Out Bags and other items

It is where we hold mostly our winter coats (year round), shoes and games, bug out bags, a couple of other bags, shoes and the vacuum cleaner.


Games and other stuff


Shoes, boots and vacuüm

While I started to pull items out I found this scarf that belonged to one of my daughters. It will be the item of the day to donate. I also remove a wool coat and a wool sweater.


Wool Sweater

I really like the style of the sweater but rarely wear it because it makes me itch. I am setting it aside in my upstairs bedroom closet and if it does not get worn this winter then in the spring will be go. I found more than one item in this closet to throw away. I found a couple more items but since they are DH stuff I will see if he can give away later. So now I am at 7 items in two days.


t-m-s donate and throw away pile

TMS- Donate and throw away pile




Mr. Banana Monkey Hanging Around Without A Baby



This is a stroller toy I purchased for a grandson who is 3 and left this toy for bigger and noisier toys a long time ago. So Mr. Banana Monkey has just been hanging around on a peg board in our children’s guess room. It was his room when he lived with us for a couple of yearsso it most likely has not been played with for at least two years. . Anyway, I figured this is a good first to go into the donation box.


1 Item

Sweet Potaotes – Harvesting


Harvested Sweet Potatoes


You can harvest sweet potatoes as soon as they are large enough to use for a meal. I tend to wait until fall to harvest them. You will need to let them cure for a couple of weeks and let their starch turn into sugar for better flavor. To cure you will need close to 80°F. degrees at 90% humidity.  After you can store them in a place with about 55° F. I am curing mind now but unless I  can quickly set up an area to keep them I will be canning them in a couple of week. I am planning on keeping a few to make slips for next year instead of ordering them. They are getting more expensive every year.

Perogies – A fast food meal at home


perogies-with-cooked-onions-in butter-kielbasa

Perogies with cooked sliced onions in butter and Kielbasa


Sour cream

Cooked sliced onion in butter


Easy Beet Soup

Cherry tomatoes



Plain cookie


I don’t use a lot of processed foods and meals except for lunches at work. There I will bring something that is usually healthy if I can. The meal was really quick using some purchased frozen perogies, canned beets,  sausages and canned tomato soup.



Easy Beet Soup


To make this soup very quickly I used a can of condensed tomato soup to which I added a jar of home canned beets into a pot. If you have to use purchased beets you would want to drain and rinse to remove some of the salt. I used the water from my canned beets to add to the tomato soup becasue they were made without salt. I then shredded some cabbage (about one cup) and added to the mixture. This was all simmered for around 15 minutes .


Homemade Sauerkraut

I took my homemade sauerkraut and drained and rinsed it well since it was made with a salt brine. I then warmed it in a saucepan with a little oil to get it warm. First, I fried the onions at low heat in a little fat. After removing the onions I fried the perogies adding a little butter and cooked until they were browned. I took the sausage , cut at an angle, and  lightly warmed them in the same saucepan with the perogies.  If you do not have the space you can take the perogies out first or eat the sausage cold.

You can add sour cream to top the perogies during serving, if desired. For a dessert simple cookies such as oatmeal, gingersnaps and graham crackers would work well with a peach or canned peaches.


HTML5 audio players

Today I worked on displaying a HTML5 audio player. It is very basic and I would like it be better than this but I have spent at least two hours getting this far. 🙁 Maybe later I can go back and see if I can get a better looking player.

HTML5 audio players


HTML5 Multimedia


Blender Institute’s 6th open movie, Cosmos Laundromat.

This is the preview version.

I put on an enhanced HTML5 video to this I added a green border. This is an exercise in progress and I plan to add more later.


Assignment Week 1: Create an “about page”  

I used the word press plug-in from Schema Creator by Raven to create this microdata on this page. The microdata is in the boxed area on this pageIt was really easy but required imput with information that I did not want to use to the person option. Because it is a plug in with a button on the edit post page it is easy to use and find to use on a page. There were also other options such as recipes, and books to do as a microdata so I plan to use it in the future to improve the pages. I will later play with the CSS styles to make the box more interesting. 

[schema type=”person” name=”Lisa” url=”” description=”A mirco farm with the goal to produce as much food and goods possible to provide for the family and for income in a sustainable manner.” state=”Kansas” country=”US” email=”” ]



I enjoyed doing this page and have learned quite a bit this first week about HTML5. It is so much better than the older HTML. The microdata will help improve my blog.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and Council Grove


Off of the area of the Santa Fé Trail and between Council Grove and Strong City on Kansas State Highway 177 is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve  . This wonderful and unique public/private partnership between the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy gives you both the view of an area undisturbed by farming due to rocks and a view of the Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch as it was. Today when we viewed the house they had it all open. You could even view the underground storage areas and spring house. I had always wondered what it was like inside so I was delighted to see the underground portion. The home is actually built like a lot of the modern homes today with a walk out basement type of set up except this has the front out instead of the back.




After the short hike around the structures we drove back to Council Grove to get some lunch. We decided to try the Trails Day Cafe where one of the owners was busy and proudly placing their bronze plaque on theTerwilliger Home.  The owners reason that the it was the last house out of Council Grove and the first house in from Santa Fe was not good enough reason for the park service according to the owner.  The house does have other reasons to be placed on the historical list as it was built in 1860-61 and was part of a campground set up along the trail at one time.   I  wandered upstairs, downstairs and the around the grounds.  I was really interested in the way they reset the house back up to its original height and added open stairs to the basement (the house only had an outside entrance). They are also preserving a number of structures including a log cabin the have in a barn. The owners also gave us a history lesson of the house and area which included a scrapbook to look at. The have worked hard to keep history.

The menu was very  interesting in a historical way. You can dine on old world, early American food or more modern affair.  The also made an interesting cherry tea. I ordered the Buffalo Joe (ground buffalo with BBQ sauce). She tried to match from a BBQ rib place that was in Junction City, KS. I never went to the BBQ rib place so I could not tell you if it tasted the same but it was good. I suppose you can call it a blend of old with new.

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