Scarf for the TMS Box


I feeling a little motivated  to clean out this hall closet.



Closet showing bug Out Bags and other items

It is where we hold mostly our winter coats (year round), shoes and games, bug out bags, a couple of other bags, shoes and the vacuum cleaner.


Games and other stuff


Shoes, boots and vacuüm

While I started to pull items out I found this scarf that belonged to one of my daughters. It will be the item of the day to donate. I also remove a wool coat and a wool sweater.


Wool Sweater

I really like the style of the sweater but rarely wear it because it makes me itch. I am setting it aside in my upstairs bedroom closet and if it does not get worn this winter then in the spring will be go. I found more than one item in this closet to throw away. I found a couple more items but since they are DH stuff I will see if he can give away later. So now I am at 7 items in two days.


t-m-s donate and throw away pile

TMS- Donate and throw away pile




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