perogies-with-cooked-onions-in butter-kielbasa

Perogies with cooked sliced onions in butter and Kielbasa


Sour cream

Cooked sliced onion in butter


Easy Beet Soup

Cherry tomatoes



Plain cookie


I don’t use a lot of processed foods and meals except for lunches at work. There I will bring something that is usually healthy if I can. The meal was really quick using some purchased frozen perogies, canned beets,  sausages and canned tomato soup.



Easy Beet Soup


To make this soup very quickly I used a can of condensed tomato soup to which I added a jar of home canned beets into a pot. If you have to use purchased beets you would want to drain and rinse to remove some of the salt. I used the water from my canned beets to add to the tomato soup becasue they were made without salt. I then shredded some cabbage (about one cup) and added to the mixture. This was all simmered for around 15 minutes .


Homemade Sauerkraut

I took my homemade sauerkraut and drained and rinsed it well since it was made with a salt brine. I then warmed it in a saucepan with a little oil to get it warm. First, I fried the onions at low heat in a little fat. After removing the onions I fried the perogies adding a little butter and cooked until they were browned. I took the sausage , cut at an angle, and  lightly warmed them in the same saucepan with the perogies.  If you do not have the space you can take the perogies out first or eat the sausage cold.

You can add sour cream to top the perogies during serving, if desired. For a dessert simple cookies such as oatmeal, gingersnaps and graham crackers would work well with a peach or canned peaches.


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