In the United States we waste a lot of food but food gets wasted almost everywhere because of storage issues to the consumer waste. According the to the United Nations roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption goes to waste every year. That is a lot of food. You can’t control all food waste but there are some ways where you can avoid wasting so much food.


  • Plan you meals. Make a meal plan and try to stick to it. If you know you will go out or will not be able to cook at certain times of the week then plan for those days too. There are a lot of sites that have meal plans you can prepare. I use the  Now You’re Cooking! Recipe Software. It is a good database the is not too expensive.  Many time I just make a plan on a piece of paper and then make a shopping list. I have some meal plans my web site you might find useful. Many of them are easy and not too expensive. 



  • Better Home Storage. I started using containers after finding too many food products infested with insects. I found out that those pantry moths can eat through paper and the thin plastic many items are purchased in so I started preventing that from happening. I prefer using glass and use a lot of gallon canning jars but do use plastic at times. Items stored this way last longer before spoilage. 


  • Try to keep track of what you have on hand. I keep a freezer and fridge magic marker boards. This especially helps when you have items you do not use often. 


food bank

  • Give to Food Banks . If you have some canned food that is still within the best by date then you can give them to food banks and other places that will take them. These places may not have the means to store perishable items so It is best to give canned.  






  • Learn to Preserve. Learn to can, dry, and properly freeze items to prevent spoilage.






  • Feed your animals or give to other with animals. If you have some not so fresh items your animals will still enjoy them. 



  • Compost. If all else fails and sometimes even the best of us have food go bad make a compost pile or find someone who does. Some of the communities gardens will take in items for compost.



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