I normally commence with the removing of old material in my files at the beginning of the new year but I decided since it was frightfully cold with widow makers (tree limbs falling) and ice falling from above I decided to do it today. It is a insidious project I do once a year to prevent too much paper. My files is not too bad so it took an hour to take care of. Okaym I will be truthful. I lost a card and could not find it. I knew it was on the bottom of a file somewhere. Sure enough it seemed to reappear in the correct file I had looked in yesterday but not finding. It was hiding somehow. I found it and now took care of the files early too. The pile of paper will make good file starters which makes cleaning my files in December a good idea.

I  had begun putting away my fall items. I wanted to fit them into one tote but could not. It ended up being a great time to go through the two totes and get rid of items I was not using. I stopped using the Halloween decor a couple of years ago. In the almost 15 years of living here we have never had any trick- or -treaters. Not One! In the pile went a light up jack o lantern, a small witch wreath I made, a bow couple of bowls, CD and a few other decor items. That make another 10 items or so in the too much stuff pile. I have been behind in getting rid of stuff so I should be on track again.

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