Wine Rack


I have not used this as real wine storage since I purchased a wine fridge. The fridge keeps beverages at a nice temperature and wine bottles that are dust free. That is part of the hazard of living in farmland. You will get dust. Having good windows helps not only to keep out the cold and hot summer heat but also dust. This was in our breakfast nook area. Yes, I know it is wine but that is where is was but more for decor. It held some nice decor and bottle but it was such a dust and fur collector. For come reason all dog and cat fur loved it. All of the bottle also liked to collect dust. It was a hassle to dust and to keep the floor around it clean. It is gone now and so we have a cleaner area and more space for another diner. It is in the away room (parlor) waiting for the ride to the donation center. I will remove the corks and throw away the bottles.



Breakfast Nook


We did not get rid of the wine rack just to clean up the area but we need to place our Big Berkey water filer.  This is one of the best  filtration systems.  We use it to filter well water with a very low possibility of virus contamination. The CDC Guide explains this.  If I had to use pond or river water in an emergency I would boil or use another method to kill viruses. This filter can remove chemicals which concern us.



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