hive_beetle _trap

I have noticed hive beetles in my weaker hive and I want to give the hive as much support into the winter as I can so it can survive. One method to control the beetle is to add a hive beetle trap on top of the brood frames.  This is the first time I have used this trap so this is a new project for me. When I had hives before Hive Beetles were not a problem.

One complaint using is this method is that it is messy to fill. I avoided making a mess with the oil by using an eye dropper. The only problem was it was a somewhat painfully time-consuming to fill the device for me.





To pu the trap into the hive I had to move over two frames further. It only took a few minutes to put the trap on the hive and did not seem to bother them too much.  Only time will tell if this trap works but others seem to had good success with it. The bees chase the beetle into the trap where they drown in the oil but since they cannot fit the bee will not. The trap is made to throw away after use but many clean it out and reuse. It is made with very thin plastic so one much be careful with  the cleaning and reuse. They are cheap but the shipping was too costly (more that the traps) so i will need to reuse myself or find something more durable in the future.




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