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TOO Much Stuff -In the Car



Today was a beautiful day. A little more wind than I like but the temperature is lower 70’s. It is a really nice day to go take pictures and I might do so in a little while. Before doing some grooming on my donkeys I decided it was a good day to clean out the car. So today Too Much Stuff is from my car. We live on a gravel road so it tends to get dusty inside and out very quickly. I also decided to clean out the cubby and was surprized of all the stuff pack in there. Mostly from someone using the car at one time. I was very surprized to find three broken claw type hair clips. and seven hair bands. I aslo found a bunch of key rings that I had for a project at one time. The rings will go into my crafts area which is another place that needs cleaning out.  So now I have a bag that goes into the trash. The fur is my cat checking out the bag.

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  1. I happen to have a car that is exactly the kind of car and color of car that at least 40 percent of the car-owning people in Mexico own, and I am constantly getting into the wrong car. Yesterday, as two friends and I searched for my car, my friend Audrey was walking a bit ahead. “Here it is!” she said, “I can always tell Judy’s car because. . . ..” I was expecting her to say because it has at least six registration stickers on it from past years or because it has a little Michoacan clay figure driving a green car with wings on the dashboard, but instead she said, “it’s always full of stuff!” Well, I have to admit she is right. Long story short, I need to do what you are doing because it is about time to load up the car with things for the Feria booth. Then I’m going to stop. Really. No more projects that fill up my car with boxes. Really. For sure!

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