After seeing the decline of some many main streets I had noticed a trend of more business. Was it a dream or was I just imaging this trend? After reading this article I concluded there was more to my wishful thinking. It was a real observation.  The small little town I live has been in a downhill spire since we moved here. I once had a decent paying job and I liked the area for many reasons. It was affordable. A home would be mostly out of reach in California, the state I grew up. This area is also a rather conservative area although I have seen more and more trends to the liberal though. We are after all very close to a University where liberalism thrives.  I liked the conservative in the schools and government. This changed due to the base downsizing and jobs going overseas, Nobody knows exactly how many jobs have disappeared. I see it where I work. A job in retail that I am very thankful for even with the low pay. I see how many come in using the EBT cards.  This means even if they are working their pay is extremely low and they have nothing to tie them over for emergencies.

Sill I am seeing some new business. We now have a grocery store and, of course, the store I work at supplies many items including food products. There is a music store, fabric  and, of course the general store and clothing. We now are two restaurants.  I am seeing the same trend in many of the other larger cities in this area.

After reading the article Main Street Comeback: How Independent Stores are Thriving (Even in the Age of Amazon) in Yes I know now that it is true and not figment of my imagination. So let us all “buy local” and let the main street lights shine as bright as they once did.