Ah, it is that time of year that the seed catalogs come in and gardens like me droll over the glossy printed plants or interesting varieties.  Today I began reorganizing my seed collection. I purchased two cheap shoe boxes to organize the seed packages. I still need to come up with a way for my jar and large bags of seeds. The package seeds are smaller amounts that I purchased. Most seeds I only plant a few each year so the package will last years. I place seed families in on large zip lock bag. You can add a desiccant to help keep the seeds dry. I keep all of my seeds in an extra fridge so they last for years.


seed save 1


I usually start looking for certain seeds when the time comes to plant. I use a spreadsheet to keep planting  organized. My spreadsheet also helps to keep rotation of the beds in order.  This year I reorganized my seed packages by month and then families instead of just by families.  This should make it easy to pick what to plant beginning in March.  If I am panting seeds inside for transplanting I will know I need to do so about 6 weeks ahead. I used a marker and pieces of cardboard. I then sorted the seed packages in ziplock bags by family behind the planting month.  I might add others months and sort by the plants I will plant inside and  then transplant later into the garden.

I feel it is good to know for rotations. If, for example,  you planted  any Solanaceae in a space you would want to avoid ony plants related planted there the next year.

Potato/Nightshade Family
eggplant (aubergine), garden huckleberry, peppers (caribbean red hot peppers, chili pepper, habanero, hot paper lantern, sweet pepper), paprika, potato, tobacco, tomato, tomatillo/husk cherry

I have seeds that I have collected that I placed into old pill bottles and baby jar. They are handy and upcyle items but tend to take more space than package. Then again I tend to have more seeds saved than will fit into a package.


seeds in jars


Depending if you are a seed saver you might consider my stack small or large. I like to grow corn which requires a planting of 200  because corn is very susceptible to inbreeding depression. Most gardeners do not have the space for such large plantings. Corn crosses so readily that it is very difficult to prevent cross-pollination. I pant corn beds at different years with different types of corn. Corn seeds are also larger than most seeds. This all takes space. I have corn, bean and sunflower seeds saved in quart jars. I just might end up with a box for them as I do now.

This year I do have some seeds for trade. Some are seeds I have grown while other are from seed companies. You can view my seed list on google documents. The link is below. Click on the third tab at the bottom to get the list.  You can download this spreadsheet for your own use if you find it useful.

Garden Plan with Seed List