eggs and mexican sausage


if you like to eat the Breakfast burritos you can make them at home fast and easy.  I take the sausage and start cooking it in a frying pan until it cooked . Then you add the eggs one at time and mix in or have them already scrampled in a bowl and pour into the pan. I like to add one at a time to have one less bowl to clean later.  Sitr until it is all mixed and the eggs are completely cooked. Take a flour tortilla  and put the filling inside about 1/3 of the way up on a tortilla. Start rolling the tortilla until halfway and then fold in both ends. Continue rolling up the flour tortilla over the filling and you with have yourself a breakfast burritos. You can add some shredded cheese on top of the meat mixture, if  desired. Serve with some juice or a small fruit and you will  have a quick and easy breakfast.

In the above photo I served the buritto with a small pear  If you are not able to find Mexican sausage here is a recipe.

You can save them in the fridge for a few day or put them into the freezer to warm up as needed using a microwave or quickly pan-frying.