Do to cuts in hours I must watch my spending.  I do not have to pay for everything in the home but I income supports our food purchased.  As you can see my food budget per week is 50%. I will most likely keep the budget the same but will keep the food budget at 50 %.  I have to keep the debts payment at $30.00.  This means I will only have most week about $ 40.00 for the two of us. This is a challenge.

So this week I made an effort to only buy $ 40.00 dollars of groceries. I really failed although it seemed I really did not buy much. Here is what I purchased:

1 bag of oranges  $ 3.98

1 bag apples $ 4.94

Bag yellow onions  $ 2.64

3 tomatoes $ 1.50

Tortillas  $ 2.88

Penne Noodles $ $ 1.00

brocoli cuts frozen $ 0.98

Milk  $ 2.34

Chicken leg quarters  $ 4.80

Cheddar cheese $ 2.52

mozzarella Cheese $ 2.52

Frozen peas $ 0.98

Frozen chopped spinach $ 1.44

Bananas 1.62 pounds  $ 0.89

Sweet potatoes 2 for $ 1.23

Garlic one clove  $ .40

enchilada sauce $ 1.96

Cheese pasta sauce $ 1.77

peanut butter $ 3.50

Chicken noodle soup large $ 2.24

Ground beef 1 lb. $ 3.98

pepperoni $ $ 2.98

Italian sausage $ 2.76

Total: 56.65

So I failed to reach the $ 40.00 dollar mark. This was also using some items I had at home in the pantry and freezer to make the meals. I have already make bread twice this week but ran out of bread flour. Still that is not bad for a grocery shop when I usually spend al least $ 100.00 per week. The good think is I have not gone hungry this week but have craved for more meat. A nice big pork chop, beef roast  or steak sound wonderful. Some items like the ground beef made two 2 meals so far and will be in next weeks menu plan.

This is my meal plan for the week starting on Friday.


Breakfast: Eggs Toast Peanut butter

Lunch: Left overs

Dinner: Spaghetti , Broccoli, bread, butter made in Instant pot


Breakfast: cereal with milk

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner Heirloom bean soup with sausage and rustic bread


Breakfast: pancakes, syrup, yogurt

Lunch: Fully loaded Pizza

Dinner: Left overs


Breakfast: Oatmeal with milk and honey, yogurt with honey

Lunch: Spaghetti

Dinner: Pasta with chicken, diced tomatoes, broccoli


Breakfast: 3 eggs, oatmeal, milk, orange

Lunch: Pasta w/ chicken, diced tomatoes, broccoli

Dinner: Baked sweet potato, chicken thigh baked, peas and carrots


Breakfast: yogurt, orange

Lunch: Pinto beans, green beans

Dinner: Baked eggs over tomato, canned pineapple, toast with peanut butter


Breakfast: oatmeal, canned fruit

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich, chicken noodle soup

Dinner: chicken thigh, Pasta with chicken and tomatoes, peas and carrots.


This meal plan can change if I end up with more left overs than planned. This happen with the spaghetti. It has been one meal and two lunches. In a couple of days I will plan for next week and have it up. I am hoping to hit around $ 40.00 using a calculator, items on sale and not buying some items if I go over.  The Heirloom bean soup with sausage was really good.  I plan to make it again next week  and will put the recipe on this blog.