new page


As I working on one of my Facebook pages I realized that this page was a personal one. I wanted everthing one page page. So I went in to see if it could be changed and I could not find a way to do so. Darn! I started a new page with the same name and then tried to merge the two. The merge would work but it would all be merged into the personal page and the other page would be delete. I am back to the statrt and pondering what to do.

I am hoping that soon I will be able to merge the two pages if I get more post into the new page. It is a hopeful idea, I know. . So to you new post will go to this new page Pairie Views (website)  and if you are interested in any of the old post you  can go to the old page Pairie Views (Personal). Still since all the page posts originated from this blog you can find it all here. So no matter which Pairie Views you visit I hope you enjoy the post and get the information you want.

tot ziens