Rock, concrete and a few bricks pile in wood lot


There was a reason the Santa Fe and Oregon trails homesteaders pasted this area. Many of the areas of the Flint Hills are rocky and so not very plow friendly. I have not seen too much flint on our land but we do have limestone. All of the limestone is one of the reason mining was and still is to a certain extent one of the businesses in this area. When I work my garden area I seem to run into some stones that have worked their way up the soil during the winter freezing and thawing. That and old equipment that must that was covered when it got muddy. I have found all types of equipment including a shovel head.

Still, this rock pile in the wood lot makes me wonder . Is is just part of the old cabin foundation moved to create this pile after the cabin’s demise or part of unknown other buildings that became unless when farming changed.  Was a building here?


Part of Cabin foundation


Part of this pile has concrete and even a few brick here and there. Were they leftover bricks when the chimney was built? I will never know.



Pile of limestone with some concrete and bricks


Of course, a type of lichen growing on the north portions of some of the rock. This rock looks like it might have two types.



Lichen on limestone


Sometimes I find a rock that has had moisture make it way into a crack and then expanding to break apart the rock. I moved this part of a rock to take a picture of the exposed ice crystals.



Split limestone


In another part of the wood lot closer to the house are some of the remnants of the cabin.  We know that a cabin was here when they started building the home beacuse we talked to the son who sometimes stopped by while still farming and taking care of the graveyard just down the road.  Was the cabin limestone like many of the building around here?  I wish I had asked while the son was still alive. Limestone was more common and many homes and building where build using the stones.   You can even tell the year of the building by the way the stone was quarried.  Later lumber  was usually brought here by wagon after making the long trip to Lawrence KS and later from train.  This four square lumber likely arrived by train and put in a wagon. Not sure if they had a truck by that time or if the wagon was horse-drawn. The dug athe basement by hand using digger equipment. We found it one time but I am not sure of its location anymore.



Old Cabin Foundation