It started out as a wonderful day and a temperature so mild I left my jacket at home when I went out. Not so much in the evening. The wind is reminding one that they are in Dorothy land.  While putting out the hay for the critters most of the hay seemed to fly out making the critters run for their dinner. One piece flew into the face of Coco Puffs making her even look more fluffy.  Inside Dusty AKA kitty was one a scent fact-finding mission. All smells were needing attention including my shoes that I am sure after a day of walk a few miles were full of al la foot scent. So I just followed him around taking picture. Most were not good at all becasue of the lighting.  Here he is checking out my binders. cliparti1_wind-clip-art_09

Not much got done on the micro farm. After working I took a nap for an hour. Then off to the Brookfield Hotel in Abilene. We were able to get a reservation today since two buses came in. So they were open although the their web page said closed. You just have to call to find out if buses are coming and see if you can fit in.

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