captureyour365         In a Field of Green




It still is  looking like spring today. Look at the lawn. Yikes, it needs mowing already. Time to get that mower really along with the tiller. The farmers are worrying about the wheat that has grown so tall  this month and then getting harmed by a freeze. The weather report is suggesting snow on Saturday which is a few days away so it might happen. I am fretting too with fruit trees blooming. Time to find the remay to try to protect them somewhat. Oh, I fancy some plumots this year. I only have onions out in the garden so far with the kale, broccoli, caulifower and cabbage in the greenhouse so I do not worry about a freeze with them  Right now, I will just enjoy the cool temperatures and the beautiful green grass and leaves starting to grow. The lilacs look like they will flower soon and give off their wonderful fragrants. I can’t wait.