Concrete Turtle

Concrete Turtle

sharomck painted


If you take the step to paint you staturay you will have a longer lasting product

  • It is best to wait about 3 weeks before you paint the item. Concrete take a while to dry to a hard finish.
  • Wash the concrete with water only to take off any dust or other items.
  • It is best to use an exteiror latex paint deluted about 20%- 50%. It is good practire to do two layers of a base paint in while or black.
  • For detailing the exterior concrete paints work the best.
  • Adding an exterior latex  concrete sealer will help to protect the paint.
  • Let the items dry for 24 hours.
  • Place item on gravel or some other surface instead of on the ground. This will help prevent the concrete from soaking up water. Water is what causes the damage in concrete.

The concrete above was painted with a very thined out acrylic craft paint for a color-washed out look. After drying for a few days I will put a concrete sealer on top.