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Month: May 2016

On A Wall

Such a nice morning! I decided to take a coffee break on the front porch. On the wall of the porch hangs craftsman style lights.  I am waiting for it to get a little warmer and the bees to become more active before I go out to check them and add the supers for honey.  The bottom picture show the progress of my front garden. I add some wild flower seeds to that dirt patch but still thinking about just putting more mulch down. The plants so far are doing very good. They are a mixture of native and non-native plants that can tolerate low water conditions. I am hoping the bees will find them attractive but so far have not seen any visit. I will check them later today when the bees are very busy.  I started doing the spring canning and did some strawberries in little jars. I froze the rest of the berries to process later. I found out I did not have lids.





Fill The Frame



You do not always need to take the whole picture of an object or even add background. This pictures does hav some dark background but it is mainly focus on the papers of this little notebooks I keep at my desk to jot down ideas.

Why Mother’s Day Leaves So Many Sad, Angry And Confused




I do not recall ever noticing such major depression surround me like a cloud. For me mother’s day was another day. I am not too wrapped around the event. It did get to me while I worked at another place were it seemed all of the women received flowers. My mother’s day was the same as any other day except at home I did less. I decided that I needed some relaxation. I spend some time on the front porch admiring the wheat being blown across the road. It does truly look like a sea of green with waves. With the exception of one daughter, I did not receive even a card. As I said before it was not huge deal. I feel it is churning commerical event anyways.  Even Jarvis  who advocated for a national day for mothers became so distraught by the commercialization of Mother’s Day that she eventually denounced the holiday and campaigned against it. The work day before Mother’s day where I work was almost completely swamped with daughters, sons and husbands getting cards. 

What struck me was the reaction of many women that came in to shop on mother’s day. Females that I see also daily seemed to have their heads down or at least showing varing degrees of depression. Research has shown that women are inclined to spend more money during times of crisis. I noticed a few women buying more than customers typical buy, in fact, most were buying normal products or something for dinner. Maybe they were holding out for a dinner out and when it did not happen they had to drag their sad body to the store to pick up a few items.  I am now tempted to ask for the day off next year to avoid seeing such feeling but I wonder if I can do something instead. 

Reading Psychology Today Mothers Day is declared another day for  hurt feelings and family ruptures. What I noticed that Sunday could not be further from the truth.  The simple fix is to remember it is just another day.  Believe me you may be forgotten for the celebration but unless there are horrible feelings you are not forgotten.  If you are lone go for a walk, go do something for yourself. Maybe send yourself flowers or a box of chocolate.  Cook something you enjoy, order food out  or eat a sandwich and enjoy the day.  

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