Such a nice morning! I decided to take a coffee break on the front porch. On the wall of the porch hangs craftsman style lights.  I am waiting for it to get a little warmer and the bees to become more active before I go out to check them and add the supers for honey.  The bottom picture show the progress of my front garden. I add some wild flower seeds to that dirt patch but still thinking about just putting more mulch down. The plants so far are doing very good. They are a mixture of native and non-native plants that can tolerate low water conditions. I am hoping the bees will find them attractive but so far have not seen any visit. I will check them later today when the bees are very busy.  I started doing the spring canning and did some strawberries in little jars. I froze the rest of the berries to process later. I found out I did not have lids.