This weekend we made a trip to Colorado to go on the Durango to Silverton on the Narrow Gage Train.  We stayed at a very historic hotel called the Strater Hotel. Built in 1887 the hotel is decorated with beautiful handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper, and the largest collection of American Victorian walnut antiques which are used to decorate the hotel and guestrooms. It is a beautiful hotel and a wonderful place to stay.  The hotel also has two places to eat that are very popular. 

The Diamond Belle Saloon is a ragtime bar during the evening that is so full you need to get there very early to get a seat. The also serve a late breakfast and lunch. I had a very good broccoli cheddar soup there for lunch.

We had dinner at the Mahogany Grille.  It offers fine dining restaurant decorated with elegant Victorian style. 

Later that evening we walked around Durango.  This city was never a mining town. The new town was founded by the D&RG in 1880. It was a area where miners could go to get supplies and for the railroad meet. Now Dorango is a very busy place with a lot of traffic during the summer and winter with tourists.  Most of the stores are for the tourist trade, dinning and music.  They have a number of realtors. The area is expensive or even Sotheby’s International Realty has an office here.

In the morning after breakfast we told a walk to the sprawling river walk along the Animas River that is very popular with locals, Wilkerson, bikers and joggers. As we walked we watched the white water rafters.

The river is popular among angular fishing for rainbow, brown, Colorado River cutthroat and brook trout. Next time I visit I will need to remember to bring a pole or even better have the time to raft down the river.


DSC_0760 DSC_0761


Parking is very limited. We had a parking spot from the hotel. Most other parking is by meter. They even had a parking ticket drop box although I never saw a meter police.


DSC_0764 DSC_0765


I really liked the area and want to go back soon.