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Month: August 2016

Another Day of Apple Canning




Yesterday I spent most of the day canning some more apples. I made one of the family’s favorite Sweet and Spicy applesauce and tried a new recipe. The Red Hot apples is an interesting recipe made with red-hot candies, vinegar, water, and sugar.  Can’t wait to try it.

Today was mowing. I spent a few hours working on the mowing. Mowing with a push mowing is a lot of work when you are talking about  two acres.

Baby Blanket



This is my latest project. A baby blanket for a baby that should arrive very soon. This is a cotton and fleece blanket with a satin trim. It should be very warm and cozy.

Highest Sand Dunes in North America



The Great Sand Dune National Park is an odd and beautiful combination of the tallest sand dunes and s and high mountain peaks.  For someone with the time and effort for backpacking, it offers a combination of Alpine tundra,  riparian, and dunes. Most people enjoy the wetlands and  extensive grasslands and shrublands. The children were having such a great time sliding down or playing in the water that runs along the dunes.



This is also an area of historical volatile relations between sheepherders and cattle men, Hispanic and Anglo. The Saint Luis Valley is a high desert and more beautiful that I anticipated. I was expecting Alamosa run down but between with the tourist activities and some business the city is doing better than I expected. It has about 10,000 residents. 



After discovering what this area has to offer I  plan to be back one day. 


Early Apples

I can’t believe how early the apples are. They are not the best-looking apples due to the lack of spraying but they are sure tasty.  After picking about 80 to 90 pounds of apple we began making apple slices for the year. It is great to open a jar to make an apple pie or crisp.



Climbing Mt. Sunflower


As we turned off Old Highway 40 on the well maintained 12-mile gravel road it was not long before the driver was asking if this was the right way. Turning into a pasture with a cattle grate instead of a gate we climbed a small hill to the monument.  As you looked around you could tell it was a high area. You could see miles and miles of gently land. As I looked around I noticed a book library and was surprised. It is the first one I have come across.

I wish I had a book to exchange but now I use a kindle to read when traveling.




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