I had high hopes for this plant when I planted it as a source of fall nectar and pollen. In July, when it Saliva began blooming, the plants were visited by bumble bees and butterflies but not my bees. I was beginning to wonder if maybe this was not a good plant for my “Bee” intentional garden. I was enjoying its long season of blooming and decided to check out the visitors to the flowers. My bees have begun visiting the flowers now.

Too bad this gorgeous deep blue plant is an annual in this area. I am hoping that maybe it might make it through the winter anyway so I can enjoy the same plants next year.  Still, if you plan to plant flowers for pollinators this would make a great choice for  fall blooms when fewer options are available for our pollinators to  help them make it through the winter in good shape.  The nectar-rich plant does best in full sun in a well-drained area.  It requires just a little water to keep the blooms going.