seeds in jars



Sometimes you are very lucky and come upon a wonderful and exciting new seed or maybe just found it one sale.  Many people just save their own seed or are creating a breeding program. However, you will not able to plant the seeds until next year.

You will need to protect your seeds to keep them viable until the proper planting time or when you have enough room. Most of us have put seeds  carelessly  someplace to keep them out of harms ways, in not the best conditions, only to forget about them until later.  Many seeds are quite durable and just like in nature when seeds just drop on the ground until the conditions are right they will germinate. The problem is you will get a reduced germinate rate.

Many gardeners want to keep our seeds longer and still t great germination rates. The good news is it does not take much to store seeds (less than two years) to protect the viably. All you need is a cool, dark, dry and free of pests spot.

I usually use a the blue silica gel to further dry my seeds because I store them for years and keep a few of each generation of seeds.  This is all recorded in my database and each generation are separate from each other.


What You Should Do to Store Seeds


Store your seeds in a cool place.

 A cool room, basement or closet are good locations to keep your seeds. It is best that the area remains constant and not fluctuate much in temperature.


A Dry Location is Best

You seeds can sprout or rot if kept in too damp of a place.   Properly dry seeds can be saved in a fridge or freezer. I save my seeds in different places. In the summer after planting that months seeds go into the fridge in the workshop. The seeds are in glass containers or plastic food storage containers if in paper seeds packages. In the winter I can store them inside a cool room of the house or in the basement where I have a metal file cabinet for them. This make them easier to get to when I start growing the seeds.  In the future, I would like to have a set up so I can keep all the seeds down there year round. I had seeds for many years in a cool room but have better results with the refrigerator conditions.


Keep those Pesty Pests Away

Make sure what ever you store your seeds in are rodent and insect resistance. This is why I store my seeds in a plastic food container. Metal would work. Determine mice and rats can chew through plastic. I know I have it happen once from a pack rat but it usually prevents that from happening. It is not fun to find something has nibbled on your seeds.