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Month: November 2016

Turkey Bird Hits the Pot




One of my favorite events after Thanksgiving is the Turkey soup. Forget the crowds and hustle and bustle of shopping but give me some warm soup. It is normally an hour-long affair but this year I decided to use my Instant pot pressure cooker. It was great after putting the carcass into the pot with water and vegetables I had soup in 20 minutes.




It does not look fancy and really not all that attractive with its brownish mass but it sure tastes good. Soup is one the hardest items to take pictures of since it lacks texture from above. This soup looks like a grayish mass but adding some flowing greens on top of the soup could add some attraction or just  put a ton of crackers on top.

Anyway, I am one of the people who could do without turkey but like the soup. I made a very simple soup that could have ingredients added or deleted.  However, if you prefer noodles, I would suggest adding cooked noodles after the soup is cooked. Be very careful with taking all the bones out. With this method, all the cartilage falls off too but it is soft. Still it might gross you would it you take a bite of it. You might want to let it cool to do this and then warm it back up again after taking all of it out.

I used barley since I try to avoid as much wheat as possible. The barley cooked really well just added with all the other ingredients before cooking plus it was one step closer to dinner. Who can argue with that?

Turkey Soup

1 turkey carcass with some meat left on the bones

8 to 10 cups of water

1 package of mixed frozen vegetables. You can cut up any vegetable you like and add to pot at this time.

1 cup barley or add  cooked noodles after cooking soup. Adding potatoes near the end of the cooking time might work for some.

1 teaspoon of spice mixed or a mixture of any spices you enjoy.

Salt and pepper to taste.


I broke up the carcass to fit into the pot and then added water to cover the bones. Add you seasoning. Close the pot and set the soup button which is 20 minutes on high pressure. After it is done let is naturally lose pressure or for the impatient types open the valve to release pressure. No names here. A word of caution! Only release the pressures on the cooking types and be very careful of the steam. Believe me, I have some experience, it is very hot.

Fall On and Potato Harvest



I got the Fall on. I only decorate the dinning room anymore although I really like fall colors. I know a lot of people already have the Christmas theme going on but I can’t until after Thanksgiving.


Today harvested the potatoes. It took about 3 hours to dig them all out getting this cart full. I tried and hope it will make for a good nights sleep. So now they are waiting for sorting. I boiled a few small ones for dinner and boy were they delicious. These will be great for storing, canning and drying later.



Candy Board for the Bees


It is that time of year to put a candy board to make sure the bees do not starve during the winter.

This is a simple process. What you need to do is dissolve the sugar in the least amount of water possible and then cook it to remove most of the water. some just use water while others add vinegar and other stuff. I just do the vinegar and sugar. You heat up the mixture to a hard candy temperature and then pour into a mold. Some make boards like I have while others just use baking pans to pour the mixture into. The foil in the middle is a hole for the bees to crawl into to get the sugar. I made enough for two to three hive but one can double this recipe to make more.


5 lbs. sugar

1/2 quart water

1 Tablespoon vinegar

Prepare molds by spray, covering lightly with oil or covering with parchment paper. I just pour on these bee boards.  Put the on a flat, heat proof surface.

Measure the water and vinegar into a large pot and bring to a simmer. Pour in the sugar, stirring until it dissolves.

After the sugar dissolves put the heat to medium high and stop stirring. Insert a candy thermometer into the pot. Boil until the thermometer reads 250º degrees. F.

Remove from the heat and carefully pour into your molds. Allow for it to cool completely and then store between wax paper until you put on the hive.

Thankful for November Colors

Pyracantha and crap apples are plants you love or hate. The pyacantha has large thorns that you have to be careful of.  Still, I like these plants for their fall berry/fruit colors.  These plants are also part of my Arts and Craft Garden planting.



Thankful for Territory



Definition: an indeterminate geographic area


This was a hard picture to do. What is a territory in my life. I went with an area I live and breathe. That is home. This is the sunset I see in the evening on my porch.

Thankful for Remembering – captureyour365



Sometimes when I am sitting still and my mind is able to wander memories come flowing into my thought. It was a blessing in many ways to live all over but it did  come with a price not being able to see family as much as I would have liked. I have missed many birthdays, holidays and other events. I really do not know my relatives for this reason and developed more kinship at different locations. I really did not fit well with the other Air Force wives since I am more of an outdoor enthusiast. and usually much older. Not too much into fashion, nails and other keep up with the Jones activities.

As a mater of fact if you look at the memory book I made most of the pictures are outside. At the beach, pool or historical site. I can never get enough of traveling. I do not like the type we have done lately. From our house to another in the shortest time possible. I see so many interesting places in between that causes yearning of my adventures side. I may never get to the point where I can just travel freely with no times I have to make it anywhere and just go slow one day at a time.

Thankful for Where I Stand

Where I stand could mean many things. I took it as where I was standing or actually sitting and the view out side of the window. Most of the year it is greener with wheat growing pass the road. Not sure if it was planted becasue I do not see evidence of it growing in the old wheat stocks. The crap apple is full of crap apples giving me some pretty fall color.  The camera is not really showing the red dupes very well. The wind is blow too hard when I made the picture larger it become blured



Photo Field Study

Today I worked on a photo field study. This was an enjoyable exercise since I like taking photos. I went around to take photos around the property but decide to use the Welsummer rooster photos.



Thankful for Faith – captureyour365




As I sit on this computer chair in a room we call the “Away Room. There is no TV or radio blasting in this room although at times I play do Youtube on the compter. This chair is in front of a   window overlooking the porch and front yard. I can see about 1/4 mile until the rolling terrain stops my view. Sometimes I can hear and see cattle along this ridge. In this room is also my book shelf where I keep my books of faith available. Depending on my mood and time available I can either read the bible, read the book about the old testament kept from a class I took many years ago in college or Tea Leaves . In a zippered case is my faithful bible with a one year bible companion I have never finished. I have tried many times at the beginning of the year but have failed. Among these books is also a book about the crusades that I plan to read this winter. Teas leaves is a list of devotional meditations. This book helps me put my life in perspective to my daily disappointments and challenges.

Today I read “The Secret Place” . This is what this room I sit in is for me many times. It is my favorite meeting place with God.

Voting, Climbing Mount Laundry and Tackling the Throne


I get a call that I am off today due to too many hours over at the workplace . I have a pressing need to do some housework so this is helpful.  So today I started I am trying to get caught up with the laundry and give the toilet and bathroom a real clean instead of the quick wipe. I try to not use a lot of chemical in my cleaning so I use a borax and baking scrub to clean the toilet.  I first shut the water value off and thenI sprinkle the mix I made inside the bowl. I then start scrubbing with the toilet brush. After a good scrub I let it set for one-half  hour.  After the time is up I turn the water back on and rinse. I found it there is an area that does not come clean the pumice stone is a good way to get it off.

Toilet scrub mix:  1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of borax. Add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. I like to use lavender.

Later I took a break to vote and get some chicken and vegetables for dinner. We are having Mexican Fried Chicken, Mexican Salad for dinner and Artisan Bread.

As part of my lifetime learning experience I enrolled into two classes online now. I am taking Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 at Newcastle University. I have never been much into drawing but I hope I can learn some realistic techniques to draw some of my planting plans. This first drawing for SpatialDepth  needs improvement and I hope I will learn more to do so.  The other class is Soil4Life: Sustainable Soil Management at Wageningen.

After dinner we will drive to the KonzaBeekeepers meeting to learn about making stuff using honey and other bee products.


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