As I sit on this computer chair in a room we call the “Away Room. There is no TV or radio blasting in this room although at times I play do Youtube on the compter. This chair is in front of a   window overlooking the porch and front yard. I can see about 1/4 mile until the rolling terrain stops my view. Sometimes I can hear and see cattle along this ridge. In this room is also my book shelf where I keep my books of faith available. Depending on my mood and time available I can either read the bible, read the book about the old testament kept from a class I took many years ago in college or Tea Leaves . In a zippered case is my faithful bible with a one year bible companion I have never finished. I have tried many times at the beginning of the year but have failed. Among these books is also a book about the crusades that I plan to read this winter. Teas leaves is a list of devotional meditations. This book helps me put my life in perspective to my daily disappointments and challenges.

Today I read “The Secret Place” . This is what this room I sit in is for me many times. It is my favorite meeting place with God.