One of my favorite events after Thanksgiving is the Turkey soup. Forget the crowds and hustle and bustle of shopping but give me some warm soup. It is normally an hour-long affair but this year I decided to use my Instant pot pressure cooker. It was great after putting the carcass into the pot with water and vegetables I had soup in 20 minutes.




It does not look fancy and really not all that attractive with its brownish mass but it sure tastes good. Soup is one the hardest items to take pictures of since it lacks texture from above. This soup looks like a grayish mass but adding some flowing greens on top of the soup could add some attraction or just  put a ton of crackers on top.

Anyway, I am one of the people who could do without turkey but like the soup. I made a very simple soup that could have ingredients added or deleted.  However, if you prefer noodles, I would suggest adding cooked noodles after the soup is cooked. Be very careful with taking all the bones out. With this method, all the cartilage falls off too but it is soft. Still it might gross you would it you take a bite of it. You might want to let it cool to do this and then warm it back up again after taking all of it out.

I used barley since I try to avoid as much wheat as possible. The barley cooked really well just added with all the other ingredients before cooking plus it was one step closer to dinner. Who can argue with that?

Turkey Soup

1 turkey carcass with some meat left on the bones

8 to 10 cups of water

1 package of mixed frozen vegetables. You can cut up any vegetable you like and add to pot at this time.

1 cup barley or add  cooked noodles after cooking soup. Adding potatoes near the end of the cooking time might work for some.

1 teaspoon of spice mixed or a mixture of any spices you enjoy.

Salt and pepper to taste.


I broke up the carcass to fit into the pot and then added water to cover the bones. Add you seasoning. Close the pot and set the soup button which is 20 minutes on high pressure. After it is done let is naturally lose pressure or for the impatient types open the valve to release pressure. No names here. A word of caution! Only release the pressures on the cooking types and be very careful of the steam. Believe me, I have some experience, it is very hot.

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