Canning and Drying potatoes is a bit of a chore but after all of the peeling, chopping and putting into jars you have food that is nice for quick meals. I can the larger potatoes in chunks and the smaller ones in whole for new potatoes. Some of the larger ones I also dry for usage later.



I have canned slower this year and have only canned 3 jars so far and started drying three levels. I am always amazed at how much they shrink. In the picture above the tray was totally filled, but after a few hours, the tray  is only about 1/4 full.

I do not post canning and drying recipes so if you are interested I suggest going to

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A lot of people will tell you their (mother, grandmother or other) always canned this way. However, some germs that can make you sick are more common some places. Why take that chance?