In the new houses unless it is very huge they have only a great room.  This is the room of social connection with the kitchen, diving and living space in one room. I older homes that were larger the areas for separate. You have a living room, dining, kitchen and family room. These may or may not be open to one another. My dining and living room which I can the Away Room are connected by an opening. The family room and kitchen are now open to each other but they used to have doors between the two. The living room and dining room are separate from the other rooms by doors and hallway.  Anyway we have finally  made the room usable for have guests.  still have my computer desk in this room.  Some of the items are antiques or items we have collected over the years. I took out about half of the books from my book cases to put some items of interest.

Still, we still have more things to do to complete this room. The front door is in really bad shape and the door to the family room needs to be painted or stained. I will most likely be painted white later. We already took an old oval picture my  grandfather painted to put over the faux fireplace.  I still want to put a stain glass over the one window. Most importantly the ceiling will have to be done since to old ceiling is cracking a coming off. We plan to encapsulate the popcorn and ceiling instead of tearing down to prevent breading possible asbestos or lead paint with ceiling-grade gypsum board or with cofered ceiling tiles. coffer ceiling were very popular in four squares.