Last time I checked the hives inside I did not find any capped cells and just a few eggs. I did not see if happen by I suspect the hive swarmed. I noticed two queen cells that looked like they hatched.  I will again check the hive as soon as I can to see if there are any capped cells.  The rain has made it difficult to maintain my hives since it seems the nice days are when I work.  I also noticed the bees from the other hive seem to be robbing this hive. This is a really bad sign and I just might end up loosing the while hive. It is a depressing sight since you have 1/2 of the bees and a lot of the honey is not  a lot in the hive anymore since the bees packed a supply to swarm.

You might wonder what I could had done. Sometimes when they get in the swarm more it can be difficult to stop.

Adding a new queen

Sometimes the  lack of queen pheromone in their food exchange and the swarming impulse is triggered. When this happens new queen cells are started. You will find those mostly at the bottom of the hive. they are easy to spot since they look like a peanut. 

No eggs and only Queen cells found.

Thinks happen and sometimes the queen goes missing. It might have gotten killed when you were last in the hive or some other reason. The hive may be too crowded or lacks ventilation..  The best way to help this hive is to split. Put a queen cell or two in a nuc or another hive body.  Hopefully they will decide the conditions are good again so the start feeding the queen and putting her back into the laying mode.

It too hot for the hive. 


Yesterday I checked my hives and found one  full of bees and brood even in the honey supers.  I took a frame with 2 queen cells and a couple of brood cells into a hive body with some honey supers on top with quite a bit of honey.  I am now crossing my fingers to get another hive and hope that hive full of bees and brood will not swarm.  In place of those frames i removed I added new empty ones.  The hive I am sure that swarmed I was still unable to find any eggs , capped brood or a queen. I am planning to go back to the full hive and remove a couple of queen cells and put into that hive to try to save it.

The bees are still enjoying the blooms of dandelions and the lilacs.  I noticed I have blooms in a backyard flower bed and plan to investigate as soon as I can. I am excited that the wildflower patch in the side garden seems to be growing. It will be a matter of time before I find out what grew. Hopefully plants that will bloom later in the season for the bees.