Fragrant Sumac with berries



I decided to complete a free permaculture class given by Oregon State University. It was a free class but you can really learn a lot about permaculture and what others are doing. I really leaned more from this class than two other class I learned locally. They also have online a class for peraculture and water. As soon as I get some time I will study that one. I need to begin plans to divert water from the barn to a catchment type of system.  With the  class you needed to do a 10/10/100 project. Participants are challenged to bring their course experience into the world with something of value within 10 days of the course, 10 hours of work and no more than $100 of the participants currency. So I finished my Quail/Pheasant food, shelter, travel and harsh weather area.  In this area Fragrant Sumac, sandhill plums and service berries were planted.  Because of previous experience with horrible weeds. I now plant in pockets leaving most of the grass undisturbed.  This provides cover for the area before the large shrubs take over and shade out most of the grass. The grass also will provide cover before the shrubs mature. 


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