The weather has taken on a very hot face. It has been hovering around the 100 degree mark with lovely humidity. Not encouraging for outside work. This year becasue of many factors I do not have much of a garden. In fact I have only beans, potatoes and tomatoes planted. This month I am going to try hard on starting fall crops such as cabbage and root crops so I can get some fermented food ready for the winter. I am not having luck getting bulk vegetables and fruit to make some canned items for the winter. Looks like I am going to do some grocery shopping for some items this year. Such is life working full time.

I have been working with the donkeys and have been getting Coco to walk with a halter much better. I still have much more work to do to get her ready for a halter when she is three in 6 months or so. She looks nothing like the picture above and is almost the same size as her mother.

I have been really missing taking pictures lately. It is time for a short road trip.