You will recognize the name of Hannibal, Missouri if you are at least familiar with author Samuel Langhorne Clemens (aka Mark Twain). This river community is best known as the childhood town of the author. Many of the settings of his novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are inspired by this town and his youthful adventures. There are historical sites are associated the places depicted in his fiction. 

Most of the buildings under one museum and will give you a glimpse of the lives of the people he used as characters.

Huckleberry Finns Home

Boyhood Home of Sam and the whitewash fence.

Becky Thatcher’s Home

The Docks

A statue of Sam as a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River

Picture of lighthouse in distance. Built for his 100th birthday.

Downtown. Very nice walk with nice businesses. It would also be a great place to see in the evening and enjoy the many food establishments.

Part of the museum tour was the interpretive center where you could view original Norman Rockwell paintings,  his white jacket, Oxford gown and the death mask of his son.

There were many things to see and do in the town and the outskirts making this a great place for a vacation.