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Instant Pot Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Peppers and Porcupine Balls


To make some simple entrees to store in the freezer for meals to bring to work and for DH to eat. I used the meat mixture for all of the entrees by mixing two pounds of ground beef with 2 cups of cooked rice, 1 egg, and seasonings. I used Penzeys Krakow Nights, California seasoned pepper, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, and salt.

Then I stuffed the peppers, made meatballs with the remaining meat mixture. Taking cabbage leaves that have be lightly cooked in water to soften. I wrap some of the meatballs. I take a can of tomato soup and add another can of water to the bottom of the pan. First I put the porcupine meatballs (meatballs made above. Then I stacked the stuffed peppers and cabbage roll on top.

I put the lid on and did a manual set for 10 minutes of cooking time. Place in freezer safe containers for later meals.

captureyour365: Where I Live

So it has been freezing her on our farm. Right now the temperature has gotten to an almost tropic 12 degrees. The temperature drops have played havoc on our plumping with the line to the washer frozen and busted and the hot water line frozen. I did not want the dishes to pile up too much so I heated cold water in a pot to do some dishes.  Nothing like camping in the home. At least the furnace is going but as seems to be typical of the new propane company they have not made the trip to our home to fill up.

Even with the freezing temperatures I still could not contain my self to begin ordering for starting seeds indoors. So now I will be waiting for some

Pictured above is the side of the house.

captureyour365: Currently Loving


Salem has been hanging around inside lately not wanting to go back outside. A huge mean cat is hanging around the barn eating his food and causing weight loss. With no food and water in the barn we are hoping the cat will move on or go back to were it came from. The cat is very feral and we are not able to get within 100 feet of it.

Messy Garden for Wildlife

Fall is usually the time for cleanup. This year I am planning to do as much clean up as I normally do. This year I will leave more area messy to provide more food and cover in wildlife. I am leaving a messy garden in the following various ways..

  • Leaf messy. No raking will be done. Right now the maple is dropping leaves looking horrible to many of us gardeners. Most likely what will happen, like it did last year, is the leaves will be blown into the woodlot.


Maple leaves on grass


  •  Leave flower heads. I usually deadhead most of my flowers because it helps it create more flowers but this is the fall when flowering will slow down for most plants. 

    Planted pine trees and wild area. Large pyracantha bush provides winter food and shelter.

  •  Let the grass grow tall and go to seed. I will mow around the house but will let the areas farther away to grow tall and seed. I will most likely cut the grass around the trees planted to prevent them from getting shaded. It is important to note if you have too tall of grass close to your home you can encourage rodents and snake to enter.
  • Build a Brush Pile. I have two large brush piles on the property but plant to put on in the area I planted for quail and pheasant.
  • No Chemicals. I will use some chemicals in and around the beehives this year but the will be organic types to help control the varroa mite and hive beetles. Not doing so will likely result in the death of the hives.
  • Leave snags. I will do some cleanup but will leave a few snags to provide a home for many of the insects helpful for the environment
  • Cleanups. Any cleanup will be delayed until the first freeze to give time for the native insects to leave or find a safe place to overwinter.

Get In The Picture

dsc_1119Get In the Picture




A lot of contemplating going around today.  Should I start a project when I will be closing tonight? I do have some trees in the fridge needing to be planted but I really want to take my time and do it right and not do a rush job. I have been doing Mount laundy. One of those mundane tasks that tasks seems to pile up weekly.

I followed Dusty around a bit to see what areas he was contemplating about going into. He seems to do that a lot. The birds are out today and I saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, many House Sparrows, a Blue Jay and a Dark-eyed Junco. Time to get my fabric organized better. It is such a mess.

Thankful for Remembering – captureyour365



Sometimes when I am sitting still and my mind is able to wander memories come flowing into my thought. It was a blessing in many ways to live all over but it did  come with a price not being able to see family as much as I would have liked. I have missed many birthdays, holidays and other events. I really do not know my relatives for this reason and developed more kinship at different locations. I really did not fit well with the other Air Force wives since I am more of an outdoor enthusiast. and usually much older. Not too much into fashion, nails and other keep up with the Jones activities.

As a mater of fact if you look at the memory book I made most of the pictures are outside. At the beach, pool or historical site. I can never get enough of traveling. I do not like the type we have done lately. From our house to another in the shortest time possible. I see so many interesting places in between that causes yearning of my adventures side. I may never get to the point where I can just travel freely with no times I have to make it anywhere and just go slow one day at a time.

Photo Field Study

Today I worked on a photo field study. This was an enjoyable exercise since I like taking photos. I went around to take photos around the property but decide to use the Welsummer rooster photos.



The Art of Saving Seeds

seeds in jars



Sometimes you are very lucky and come upon a wonderful and exciting new seed or maybe just found it one sale.  Many people just save their own seed or are creating a breeding program. However, you will not able to plant the seeds until next year.

You will need to protect your seeds to keep them viable until the proper planting time or when you have enough room. Most of us have put seeds  carelessly  someplace to keep them out of harms ways, in not the best conditions, only to forget about them until later.  Many seeds are quite durable and just like in nature when seeds just drop on the ground until the conditions are right they will germinate. The problem is you will get a reduced germinate rate.

Many gardeners want to keep our seeds longer and still t great germination rates. The good news is it does not take much to store seeds (less than two years) to protect the viably. All you need is a cool, dark, dry and free of pests spot.

I usually use a the blue silica gel to further dry my seeds because I store them for years and keep a few of each generation of seeds.  This is all recorded in my database and each generation are separate from each other.


What You Should Do to Store Seeds


Store your seeds in a cool place.

 A cool room, basement or closet are good locations to keep your seeds. It is best that the area remains constant and not fluctuate much in temperature.


A Dry Location is Best

You seeds can sprout or rot if kept in too damp of a place.   Properly dry seeds can be saved in a fridge or freezer. I save my seeds in different places. In the summer after planting that months seeds go into the fridge in the workshop. The seeds are in glass containers or plastic food storage containers if in paper seeds packages. In the winter I can store them inside a cool room of the house or in the basement where I have a metal file cabinet for them. This make them easier to get to when I start growing the seeds.  In the future, I would like to have a set up so I can keep all the seeds down there year round. I had seeds for many years in a cool room but have better results with the refrigerator conditions.


Keep those Pesty Pests Away

Make sure what ever you store your seeds in are rodent and insect resistance. This is why I store my seeds in a plastic food container. Metal would work. Determine mice and rats can chew through plastic. I know I have it happen once from a pack rat but it usually prevents that from happening. It is not fun to find something has nibbled on your seeds.

Early Apples

I can’t believe how early the apples are. They are not the best-looking apples due to the lack of spraying but they are sure tasty.  After picking about 80 to 90 pounds of apple we began making apple slices for the year. It is great to open a jar to make an apple pie or crisp.



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