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They are not the greatest looking avocado and a little small but still they have been delicious. I like avocado. So much so I am sceming room to figure out how to grow some around here. It would involve bringing them inside for the winter. That is what the away room is for,  right?

There are many possible health benefits  associated with eating avocado.  Avocados contain natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol. This plant sterol can help control cholesterol.  Avocados contain of high levels of folate. This can help with moods or reduction of depression. The avocado is a creamy but is actually high in fiber. Fiber has any health benefits including preventing constipation. 

Avocados are a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium and potassium. They also provide lutein, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids.

I like them sliced on salad and sliced with a little salt. They are also great in  guacamole.

Ah, I am missing the avocados growing I remembered so well in my youth.











Spring Cleaning : Here We Come




I used to begin spring cleaning with gusto. I went from room to room working as quickly as possible to clean the entire home as fast I could. Now I go at a much slower and peaceful rate. Working projects are best one step at a time. The easiest way I found to do is by  cleaning  one room at a time. I am surprized I have only written on time on house cleaning with a list. This new list is better.

Sometimes the  jobs are just too much for one time so do it in small bites. Try putting on a timer for 15 minutes, add some music and go.  You will be surprised  by what you can do in such a short time.

If you have items that can be washed in a dishwasher this can save time. I especially like to do this with items in the kitchen that get a grimy film on them from the cooking.  Just be careful what you wash. One time I put a glass  item that I did not know had a plastic film that fell apart. 

I suggest having a box to put items you have no use or want anymore. Carry it from room to room. 



Front Porch, Side Porch, Other side Porch and Back Porch



I agree that I have quite a few doors. The other side door and back porch have the least amount of area but they still have some places that need attention. We also store wood on the side porch and have two trash cans to hold sticks and paper to help start the fire. I like them to be taken away and only have a sitting area and plants.

  • Sweep off steps and porches
  • Mop or power spray porch
  • Shake and clean welcome mats
  • Clean you door and door trims
  • Dust and wipe down the porch railings
  • Clean any outside decor.
  • Wash the outside window on the porches 



Basket details

Basket details

If you have an entrance, if you are lucky. Many of us just use a wall by the door but these areas still need attention. They are one of the most used and abused areas of the home. 


  • Straighten the coat closest,  if you have one, and sort all items.  If you have winter items this is the time to put them into storage for the summer.  If you do not like or want items anymore put into the box and get rid of them.
  • Wipe down walls and baseboard.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including pictures and all artwork.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.
  • Dust and polish furniture and decor.
  • Dust dust any lamps, including ceiling fans.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.




Living Room and/or Family Room

  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings.
  • Wash windows and screens
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust electronics and vacuum the dust from the back.
  • Vacuum couches and chairs.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps, ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Wash throws and blankets and If possible, wash pillows.
  • Sort any magazine, books or other objects. Keep what you like and  put what you do not need in the box. 
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.


Dining Room


Dinning rooms were important the past but in most modern homes except the larger ones they are not present. Still homes have an eating area. You can just do this area by itself instead of a whole room. 




  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings.
  • Wipe down walls it you can. Paints like flat and eggshell cannot be washed.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps and light fixtures.
  • Sort all dinnerware, table linens, and knick knacks. Remember that box. Put items you do not need in the box.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.



If you cook you most likely clean your kitchen every day but at least twice a year it is a good item to really clean the area. 


chicken noodle bake




  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including painting and decor.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Wipe down walls. Hopefully, you have a Semi-gloss. Avod scrubbing eggshell type paints.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps. ceiling fans and light fixtures. I take the light fixtures down and clean inside.
  • Empty your cupboards and drawers. Wipe clean. Sort all kitchen ware. Keep what use and then put the others in that box. Restock cupboards and drawers.
  • Empty your pantry and food cupboards. Wipe clean. Sort your food and put the food back that you will keep.  Look at the best by date and decide if you want to keep or toss. Toss almost empty containers.
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer. Wipe clean. Sort food and restock shelves. Throw away expired food . Food that have been open have should be used in a short time period. 
  • Clear your counters. Wipe clean. Sort what you keep on your counter tops. Decide if the items needs to be on the counter, put into another spot or given away.  Keep what you like to use, and get rid of the rest.
  • Thoroughly wash your kitchen sink. Clean the cabinet under your sink. This is a good time to get new drawer paper or plastic.
  • Clean your stove top, oven, and, if applicable, microwave or toaster oven.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard




DSC_0299I clean my bathroom well at least once a week but we all still need to check toiletries and other items twice of year. 










  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including pictures and wall hangings.
  • Wash windows, mirrors and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish knick knacks and light fixtures. I take down all to clean inside.
  • Sort and clean out any cabinets. Keep the toiletries and medications that you will use and throw away all of the others.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom sink, bathtub and/or shower.
  • Wash the shower curtain and bath mat.
  • Thoroughly clean the toilet. Remember to get behind the toilet.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.


Bedrooms, Office and Others







  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish furniture and other decor.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps, ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Strip bed of all linens.
  • Flip the mattress if you have a flipable one. Vacuum the mattress. 
  • Wash and dry all linens, including the mattress pad, dust ruffle, pillows, blankets, quilts, duvets, comforters, and sheets. If you cannot wash items at least put into the dryer to remove as many dust mites and other items or let it have a sunbath by hanging outside for a while.
    Empty your closets and drawers one at a time. Discard any clothing or items you do not need or want.  Keep what you  use and put the other items in the box.
  • Wipe down shelves and restock.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.

Laundry Room

First Flowers of spring








  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings. and then wipe down the walls.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe out the inside and outside of the washer and dryer.
  • Clean off the lint trap and wash it.
  • Clean out the dryer vent.
  • Sort all laundry detergents and other items. Keep what you use dispose of what you don’t.
  • Sort all cleaning products and cleaning items. Keep what you use and dispose of whet you don’t
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.

How And Why I Garden The Way I Do



I answered a question yesterday on what two plants I would plant in my garden if I could only plant two. My choice was potatoes and sweet potatoes. It might seem like a really weird answer given all the knowledge of two nutritious vegetables such as tomatoes and kale are. They are also very delicious. However the are not very calorie and weight efficient crops. Of course, I am not taking about a garden for yummy vegetables but crops that can offer the total calories for a humans. It would likely lead to some nutrients deficiencies. No single vegetable or legume has all nine essential amino acids. Most will also experience appetite fatigue from eating the same every day. This is the reason I belive Americans weighted less before. We just did not have the choices we have now which helps us overeat. IMG_0721

It takes 15.7  100 sq ft. beds of potatoes to produce the 2,400 calories per day needed for the average person.  That is 1,600 square feet of growing space or 1/4 acre. I would think a lot of people do not have this much space. Still in some place if people worked together or found empty land to use they could grow their own.




I have enough land to grow my own and I am working on getting up to 8,000 sq feet or 80 beds for two people and 2,400 calories per day. In these beds I will grow 60% carbon and calorie crops (e.g.,  grains) This would amount to 40 beds. 30% would be high-calorie root crops (e.g., potatoes for maximum calories. This would be 24 beds. The remaining 10% will be vegetable crops (e.g. tomatoes, kale ) for vitamins and minerals. This would be 8 beds. I have not got even close to that amount but I am still getting practice growing different crops so if the time came and I had needed to grow enough to survive I would knowledge plus experience. 



Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop- A Review


I have used an O-Cedar microfiber mop for many years with acceptable results but the sprayer stopped working. Last night when shopping at Sam’s Club I saw this Rubbermaid reveal microfiber spray mop. It seemed well made and had a removable refill. I have always like Rubbermaid products for their quality. The O-Cedar required me to bring the whole device to the sink to fill up and I really dislike that.  So when it just stopped spaying I was looking for a mop were the container comes off to fill. This device uses slightly larger pads which is great because it makes the chore even faster.

As I was mopping the floor after a dust mop to remove the large particles of dust I learned this spray mop had a nice spray pattern. You still have to pump a few times to get enough cleaner on the floor but that is to be expected with a hand spray. The refill container suggests 2 teaspoons cleaner with water. I used a 25/75% vinegar and water mixture with essential oils added. Since we have been ill lately I used a few drops of a Rocky Mountain Oils’ Immune Strength essential oil mix as well as adding some cedar oil and lavender oil.

You can flip the mop for spot cleaning but I did not need to do this at this time, but it does look handy.  When I got to the painted stairs I found this mop was good for getting into the corners. I did not have to get on my had and knees to do so. This mop is not flawless but still beats many of the alternatives. I am worried about the spray handle since it does not seem to be very strong but so far it is holding up. They also make a dust mop to use on this mop head with will eliminate the need for two mops and save space. That is a nice touch since it comes off I will be able to clean the mop head unlike the dust mop I currently have.



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