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Arkansas River, Keeper of the Plains, Veterans Park, and Sedgwick County Zoo

We recently too a drive to Wichita with the grandchildren in tow.  Our first stop was the Sedgwick County Zoo.  This zoo in opened in 1971 with the American  and Asian farms. This was our first stop were we were able to view some rare livestock I have only seen before in pictures. These animals are designated as critical or rare by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  They used to have a Lakenvelder cow but I did not see one. The girls enjoyed the goats until they got a little pushy.  I enjoyed looking at the Poitou donkeys.  



The American Cream that you can see behind the donkey was also a very really nice horse. 




After walking around and seeing the typical birds and koi found off the paths of most zoos we entered a tropical forest with all types of interesting birds and bats. Yes the had bats loose in the area but they were the fruit bats and just hung around. The vampire bats could be viewed in a aquarium, type of cage. The enclosed huge area was humid and made me shudder at the thought of what it would be like in the summer. I was glad it was a nice cool spring day.



It was fun and challenging to take pictures in the area especially the waterfall.


I have been wanting for years to walk along the Arkansas River and view the Keeper of the Plains. The no cost attraction seemed to be popular with the grandchildren. Well I should say rocks were.


For whatever reason their were a lot of goose decoys set around the Keeper of the Plains. There were reals geese too that seemed to enjoyed basking in the sun.





Along the river is a walkway very poplar with local walkers and bicyclists too. The walk is 15 miles long for those of you wanting to get mileage on your fit bit. The Arkansas River Path also provides access to other parks and city attractions, including museums, the stadium, ice rink and the zoo.  It is around 15 miles long. While waling to find the playground we discovered the Veterans Park. It had some very beautiful monuments for different wars.







We took the bridge over to the Exploration Place and found the playground. This playground has three different areas intended for different age groups. It has a large picnic area for a few or a large group.

The The Arkansas River is a major tributary  of the Mississippi River which means in Kansas you can float in the river.  The river starts in Colorado providing a great white water rafting and exceptional trout fishing until it proceeds into the great plains were the river flattens and widens considerately. With the 190-plus miles of the Arkansas River from Great Bend to the Oklahoma border you can float for a short time or months if you want to go all the way to the Mississippi River..


Thankful for Remembering – captureyour365



Sometimes when I am sitting still and my mind is able to wander memories come flowing into my thought. It was a blessing in many ways to live all over but it did  come with a price not being able to see family as much as I would have liked. I have missed many birthdays, holidays and other events. I really do not know my relatives for this reason and developed more kinship at different locations. I really did not fit well with the other Air Force wives since I am more of an outdoor enthusiast. and usually much older. Not too much into fashion, nails and other keep up with the Jones activities.

As a mater of fact if you look at the memory book I made most of the pictures are outside. At the beach, pool or historical site. I can never get enough of traveling. I do not like the type we have done lately. From our house to another in the shortest time possible. I see so many interesting places in between that causes yearning of my adventures side. I may never get to the point where I can just travel freely with no times I have to make it anywhere and just go slow one day at a time.


Highest Sand Dunes in North America



The Great Sand Dune National Park is an odd and beautiful combination of the tallest sand dunes and s and high mountain peaks.  For someone with the time and effort for backpacking, it offers a combination of Alpine tundra,  riparian, and dunes. Most people enjoy the wetlands and  extensive grasslands and shrublands. The children were having such a great time sliding down or playing in the water that runs along the dunes.



This is also an area of historical volatile relations between sheepherders and cattle men, Hispanic and Anglo. The Saint Luis Valley is a high desert and more beautiful that I anticipated. I was expecting Alamosa run down but between with the tourist activities and some business the city is doing better than I expected. It has about 10,000 residents. 



After discovering what this area has to offer I  plan to be back one day. 



Passing of Chimney Rock National Monument

Chimmey Rock Natinal Momument


The thick hard sandstone of Chimney Rock is what is left after the ice age ended and the Piedra River no longer carved out the sea-floor mud. We did not have time to stop and discover the Stone Circle site carved into the Sandstone cliffs the place offers a view of the Great Kiva. It will be a place of interest to spend at least a few hours next time I drive through. 


captureyour365 From Above



It started out as a wonderful day and a temperature so mild I left my jacket at home when I went out. Not so much in the evening. The wind is reminding one that they are in Dorothy land.  While putting out the hay for the critters most of the hay seemed to fly out making the critters run for their dinner. One piece flew into the face of Coco Puffs making her even look more fluffy.  Inside Dusty AKA kitty was one a scent fact-finding mission. All smells were needing attention including my shoes that I am sure after a day of walk a few miles were full of al la foot scent. So I just followed him around taking picture. Most were not good at all becasue of the lighting.  Here he is checking out my binders. cliparti1_wind-clip-art_09

Not much got done on the micro farm. After working I took a nap for an hour. Then off to the Brookfield Hotel in Abilene. We were able to get a reservation today since two buses came in. So they were open although the their web page said closed. You just have to call to find out if buses are coming and see if you can fit in.


captureyour365- What I Eat

captureyour365          What I Eat






To be honest this bowl of raisin bran is not what I usually eat but it sure tasted good this morning. I suppose that is what happens when you eat a breakfast late in the morning and hitting the lunch time.

Last night I made some Zesty Chicken Oregano (Kotopoulo Riganato tis Skaras) and Armenian Pita Bread- Bread Machine. I did not make it in the machine but as quick as I could make it in a making bowl. It was a nice change for the evening meal.  That recipe is so simple I should make it more offen.

I have been busy going to events the last two nights. Monday I went to Kansas State University to watch the Anna Marie Wytko is a wonderful Sax player.

Last night I went to the monthly Konza Bee Keepers Association. We had a presentation by  Dr. Viktor Chikan who work primary in research on  nanoparticles but in his spare time like to collect swarms and enjoys beekeeping.  He gave a humorous but informative talk on catching swarms using bait hives.


Have a great day!


Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and Council Grove


Off of the area of the Santa Fé Trail and between Council Grove and Strong City on Kansas State Highway 177 is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve  . This wonderful and unique public/private partnership between the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy gives you both the view of an area undisturbed by farming due to rocks and a view of the Spring Hill Farm and Stock Ranch as it was. Today when we viewed the house they had it all open. You could even view the underground storage areas and spring house. I had always wondered what it was like inside so I was delighted to see the underground portion. The home is actually built like a lot of the modern homes today with a walk out basement type of set up except this has the front out instead of the back.




After the short hike around the structures we drove back to Council Grove to get some lunch. We decided to try the Trails Day Cafe where one of the owners was busy and proudly placing their bronze plaque on theTerwilliger Home.  The owners reason that the it was the last house out of Council Grove and the first house in from Santa Fe was not good enough reason for the park service according to the owner.  The house does have other reasons to be placed on the historical list as it was built in 1860-61 and was part of a campground set up along the trail at one time.   I  wandered upstairs, downstairs and the around the grounds.  I was really interested in the way they reset the house back up to its original height and added open stairs to the basement (the house only had an outside entrance). They are also preserving a number of structures including a log cabin the have in a barn. The owners also gave us a history lesson of the house and area which included a scrapbook to look at. The have worked hard to keep history.

The menu was very  interesting in a historical way. You can dine on old world, early American food or more modern affair.  The also made an interesting cherry tea. I ordered the Buffalo Joe (ground buffalo with BBQ sauce). She tried to match from a BBQ rib place that was in Junction City, KS. I never went to the BBQ rib place so I could not tell you if it tasted the same but it was good. I suppose you can call it a blend of old with new.


Metro Detroit and Beyond


orange building



Last week Mr. Gadget and I flew into the Detroit area. It was a lovely visit although the traffic was more than I am used to. I am especially glad I did not have to drive but was given the driving tour from my our son.  We began dinner at the Hungarian Rhapsody. I ordered the  Hungarian Goulash Served in Kettle with Palacsinta for Dessert. It was an outstanding dinner.

The next day we ventured north to Frankenmuth. Lumbering and agriculture are still major sources of income for this area but this is also a thriving vacation haven with shopping, dining and many festivals year round.  Of course, a German meal was a necessary adventure. We ate at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant were they also serve the  Frankenmuth® Chicken plus many other German dishes.


They next day we toured closer to Detroit by going to Dearborn. We had a fun-filled day touring the Greenfield Village. This had an amazing display of homes of many famous people from Ford family home,  Robert Frost Home to George Washington Carver. There was also many other interesting styles of home in the village. It was also interesting to view the Edison’s Menlo Park and the Wright Cycle shop plus all the farm equipment.  After all the walking we stopped at the Michigan Café for a bite to eat.  We then viewed the Henry Ford Museum with all the interesting trains, cars and other very interesting exhibits.




A Stop At The Buggy Stop, Enterprise, KS

We decided to try the Buggy Stop in Enterprise, KS, next to the Post Office, after getting out after getting the wonderful basket of fruits and veggies with Bountiful Baskets. It was a very nice little café ran by a wonderful couple and their six home-schooled children.

I ordered a grill turkey sandwich with potato salad and pickled beets. John ordered the chili and cinnamon rolls and really enjoys chili since it was mild but flavorful.  It was very much like the recipe I use. The sandwich was delicious and very well grilled. We ordered two nice and chewy oatmeal cookies to go. Enterprise, KS is a short drive off Interstate 70 between Abilene, KS and Junction City KS.

115 S. Factory
Enterprise, Kansas 67410


Out like a lion and in like a lamb then back to a wild boar




March had it ups and downs here at Cedar View.   After a death of a family member, a horrible lambing season,  our property having a near miss by an out of control grass fire, we were greeted with wonderful spring like weather. What a welcome relief after winter weather. Last week we are back to cooler windy conditions but it seems to have changed back to more like spring weather.  I am hoping it stay like that. We had a welcome relief of rain fall last night. We really need some rain to combat the dry conditions. Plant life is coming alive here with flowers galore from tulips to apple blossoms.




In the garden my new plantings for the food forest look very promising. The nacking cherries, hazelnuts and raspberry bushes are all beginning the sprout.  I am still waiting for some more plants to arrive to add to the forest. The food forest is an exciting new project here at Cedar View.

 View my Food Forest Plans here.



The garden has already began growing some of the planting I started last month. The rye grass is a couple of inches high and the some of the wheat is close behind. I see that some of the other wheat and oats are starting to sprout. The birds have seen to have found the oats and are starting to dig up the seeds so I hope they start growing very quickly. Sadly something has eaten a lot of my wheat that has just started growing. I suspect either birds or rabbits. I was really hoping to get some nice blue wheat stocks for weaving and Einkorn wheat for baking artistic bread . I hope they are able to grow back. I might have to put some netting on the livestock fence. Half of the potatoes have been planted. One 4′ x 30 food bed and two 4′ x 20′.  Most of the potatoes planted this year are the Yukon Gold with some Viking and Kennech. I began planting some carrots and lettuce. I will add more lettuce plantings weekly and plant more carrots in two weeks.

View the Main and South garden plans here and here.



Last week I made some dried celery with some of the extra celery I had.  The leaves I placed on one tray and I filled the other try with thinly sliced celery and finely ground to use for flavoring. After slicing, place in a dehydrator at 145 degrees for around 10 hour or until dry. I then finely ground the dried sliced celery for celery powder. It makes a great flavoring for many dishes.


Happy days to all until next time. I will very soon have pictures and information on my new bee project.

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