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Beatrice Eclipse Beatrice, NE

This was such a fun day in Beatrice at the Homestead National Monument. This is the film made by NASA there and Bill Nye.  It was so much fun.  The park service did such a great job.


Before, during and after I took some photos of the event, the site and a Petroglyph of the modern type someone did on my car.





Today the goal was to put the house back into order for the new year. Putting up the tree and all the trimmings were not too difficult. Mostly because I did not put much of what I have out this year.  This year started again the new year working on reading the bible with the one-year bible companion and reading some book every day. I sued to read about one a month. Anyway,  I started this year with “The Hundred-Foot Journey” and I am finding to be an enjoyable read. Bird observations daily is another goal.  I have found where I work pretty boring,  I did not see one bird yesterday. It was rather windy so maybe they stayed in the bushes and trees. I would not blame them. I still need to go out and do some observation today.

Taking photos is again back on my daily goals. This is the second picture this year. Today’s theme is one word.

After doing some study of Arts and Crafts Era ceilings I found that burlap was very popular so later this month it will be the project to do on the ceiling of this room go get the parlor how I want it. I am excited it is coming to be, finally.  Watch for later updates as I more on.

Thankful for November Colors

Pyracantha and crap apples are plants you love or hate. The pyacantha has large thorns that you have to be careful of.  Still, I like these plants for their fall berry/fruit colors.  These plants are also part of my Arts and Craft Garden planting.



Thankful for Territory



Definition: an indeterminate geographic area


This was a hard picture to do. What is a territory in my life. I went with an area I live and breathe. That is home. This is the sunset I see in the evening on my porch.

Thankful for Remembering – captureyour365



Sometimes when I am sitting still and my mind is able to wander memories come flowing into my thought. It was a blessing in many ways to live all over but it did  come with a price not being able to see family as much as I would have liked. I have missed many birthdays, holidays and other events. I really do not know my relatives for this reason and developed more kinship at different locations. I really did not fit well with the other Air Force wives since I am more of an outdoor enthusiast. and usually much older. Not too much into fashion, nails and other keep up with the Jones activities.

As a mater of fact if you look at the memory book I made most of the pictures are outside. At the beach, pool or historical site. I can never get enough of traveling. I do not like the type we have done lately. From our house to another in the shortest time possible. I see so many interesting places in between that causes yearning of my adventures side. I may never get to the point where I can just travel freely with no times I have to make it anywhere and just go slow one day at a time.

Thankful for Where I Stand

Where I stand could mean many things. I took it as where I was standing or actually sitting and the view out side of the window. Most of the year it is greener with wheat growing pass the road. Not sure if it was planted becasue I do not see evidence of it growing in the old wheat stocks. The crap apple is full of crap apples giving me some pretty fall color.  The camera is not really showing the red dupes very well. The wind is blow too hard when I made the picture larger it become blured



Photo Field Study

Today I worked on a photo field study. This was an enjoyable exercise since I like taking photos. I went around to take photos around the property but decide to use the Welsummer rooster photos.



Thankful for Faith – captureyour365




As I sit on this computer chair in a room we call the “Away Room. There is no TV or radio blasting in this room although at times I play do Youtube on the compter. This chair is in front of a   window overlooking the porch and front yard. I can see about 1/4 mile until the rolling terrain stops my view. Sometimes I can hear and see cattle along this ridge. In this room is also my book shelf where I keep my books of faith available. Depending on my mood and time available I can either read the bible, read the book about the old testament kept from a class I took many years ago in college or Tea Leaves . In a zippered case is my faithful bible with a one year bible companion I have never finished. I have tried many times at the beginning of the year but have failed. Among these books is also a book about the crusades that I plan to read this winter. Teas leaves is a list of devotional meditations. This book helps me put my life in perspective to my daily disappointments and challenges.

Today I read “The Secret Place” . This is what this room I sit in is for me many times. It is my favorite meeting place with God.

captureyour 365 Pocket-Sized

captureyour365                     Pocket-Sized


The Welsummer chicks are not quite pocket-sized any more but are growing fast. Their feathers are starting to grow.  Soon they will be chickagers.



Captureyour365 Layers

On the top is the list of April’s capture your 365. Today is layers so there you have it. Layers of paper on my desk. DSC_0647

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