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Spring Cleaning : Here We Come




I used to begin spring cleaning with gusto. I went from room to room working as quickly as possible to clean the entire home as fast I could. Now I go at a much slower and peaceful rate. Working projects are best one step at a time. The easiest way I found to do is by  cleaning  one room at a time. I am surprized I have only written on time on house cleaning with a list. This new list is better.

Sometimes the  jobs are just too much for one time so do it in small bites. Try putting on a timer for 15 minutes, add some music and go.  You will be surprised  by what you can do in such a short time.

If you have items that can be washed in a dishwasher this can save time. I especially like to do this with items in the kitchen that get a grimy film on them from the cooking.  Just be careful what you wash. One time I put a glass  item that I did not know had a plastic film that fell apart. 

I suggest having a box to put items you have no use or want anymore. Carry it from room to room. 



Front Porch, Side Porch, Other side Porch and Back Porch



I agree that I have quite a few doors. The other side door and back porch have the least amount of area but they still have some places that need attention. We also store wood on the side porch and have two trash cans to hold sticks and paper to help start the fire. I like them to be taken away and only have a sitting area and plants.

  • Sweep off steps and porches
  • Mop or power spray porch
  • Shake and clean welcome mats
  • Clean you door and door trims
  • Dust and wipe down the porch railings
  • Clean any outside decor.
  • Wash the outside window on the porches 



Basket details

Basket details

If you have an entrance, if you are lucky. Many of us just use a wall by the door but these areas still need attention. They are one of the most used and abused areas of the home. 


  • Straighten the coat closest,  if you have one, and sort all items.  If you have winter items this is the time to put them into storage for the summer.  If you do not like or want items anymore put into the box and get rid of them.
  • Wipe down walls and baseboard.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including pictures and all artwork.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.
  • Dust and polish furniture and decor.
  • Dust dust any lamps, including ceiling fans.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.




Living Room and/or Family Room

  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings.
  • Wash windows and screens
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust electronics and vacuum the dust from the back.
  • Vacuum couches and chairs.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps, ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Wash throws and blankets and If possible, wash pillows.
  • Sort any magazine, books or other objects. Keep what you like and  put what you do not need in the box. 
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.


Dining Room


Dinning rooms were important the past but in most modern homes except the larger ones they are not present. Still homes have an eating area. You can just do this area by itself instead of a whole room. 




  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings.
  • Wipe down walls it you can. Paints like flat and eggshell cannot be washed.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps and light fixtures.
  • Sort all dinnerware, table linens, and knick knacks. Remember that box. Put items you do not need in the box.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.



If you cook you most likely clean your kitchen every day but at least twice a year it is a good item to really clean the area. 


chicken noodle bake




  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including painting and decor.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Wipe down walls. Hopefully, you have a Semi-gloss. Avod scrubbing eggshell type paints.
  • Dust and polish furniture and knick knacks.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps. ceiling fans and light fixtures. I take the light fixtures down and clean inside.
  • Empty your cupboards and drawers. Wipe clean. Sort all kitchen ware. Keep what use and then put the others in that box. Restock cupboards and drawers.
  • Empty your pantry and food cupboards. Wipe clean. Sort your food and put the food back that you will keep.  Look at the best by date and decide if you want to keep or toss. Toss almost empty containers.
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer. Wipe clean. Sort food and restock shelves. Throw away expired food . Food that have been open have should be used in a short time period. 
  • Clear your counters. Wipe clean. Sort what you keep on your counter tops. Decide if the items needs to be on the counter, put into another spot or given away.  Keep what you like to use, and get rid of the rest.
  • Thoroughly wash your kitchen sink. Clean the cabinet under your sink. This is a good time to get new drawer paper or plastic.
  • Clean your stove top, oven, and, if applicable, microwave or toaster oven.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard




DSC_0299I clean my bathroom well at least once a week but we all still need to check toiletries and other items twice of year. 










  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including pictures and wall hangings.
  • Wash windows, mirrors and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish knick knacks and light fixtures. I take down all to clean inside.
  • Sort and clean out any cabinets. Keep the toiletries and medications that you will use and throw away all of the others.
  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom sink, bathtub and/or shower.
  • Wash the shower curtain and bath mat.
  • Thoroughly clean the toilet. Remember to get behind the toilet.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.


Bedrooms, Office and Others







  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust and polish furniture and other decor.
  • Dust lampshades, lamps, ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Strip bed of all linens.
  • Flip the mattress if you have a flipable one. Vacuum the mattress. 
  • Wash and dry all linens, including the mattress pad, dust ruffle, pillows, blankets, quilts, duvets, comforters, and sheets. If you cannot wash items at least put into the dryer to remove as many dust mites and other items or let it have a sunbath by hanging outside for a while.
    Empty your closets and drawers one at a time. Discard any clothing or items you do not need or want.  Keep what you  use and put the other items in the box.
  • Wipe down shelves and restock.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.

Laundry Room

First Flowers of spring








  • Dust from the ceiling to the floor, including wall hangings. and then wipe down the walls.
  • Wash windows and screens.
  • Clean window treatments (dusting and/or washing).
  • Wipe out the inside and outside of the washer and dryer.
  • Clean off the lint trap and wash it.
  • Clean out the dryer vent.
  • Sort all laundry detergents and other items. Keep what you use dispose of what you don’t.
  • Sort all cleaning products and cleaning items. Keep what you use and dispose of whet you don’t
  • Disinfect doorknobs and switch plates.
  • Clean floors and baseboard.

Bye Bye Ghost, Pumpkins and Assorted Paper Products






I normally commence with the removing of old material in my files at the beginning of the new year but I decided since it was frightfully cold with widow makers (tree limbs falling) and ice falling from above I decided to do it today. It is a insidious project I do once a year to prevent too much paper. My files is not too bad so it took an hour to take care of. Okaym I will be truthful. I lost a card and could not find it. I knew it was on the bottom of a file somewhere. Sure enough it seemed to reappear in the correct file I had looked in yesterday but not finding. It was hiding somehow. I found it and now took care of the files early too. The pile of paper will make good file starters which makes cleaning my files in December a good idea.

I  had begun putting away my fall items. I wanted to fit them into one tote but could not. It ended up being a great time to go through the two totes and get rid of items I was not using. I stopped using the Halloween decor a couple of years ago. In the almost 15 years of living here we have never had any trick- or -treaters. Not One! In the pile went a light up jack o lantern, a small witch wreath I made, a bow couple of bowls, CD and a few other decor items. That make another 10 items or so in the too much stuff pile. I have been behind in getting rid of stuff so I should be on track again.

Why Do We Hold On To Stuff? We Do Not Need It. Really!




It is quite amazing finding stuff I am not sure why I hung on to. I used to have an office at a place I worked and in that office I had certificates. It was the thing to do in that place and time. I still have some still in frames but I think it is time to remove them from the frame and put them into a book since they might be useful sometime. The frames can go.

At one time I did a lot of  ceramic  art and made a few objects. I still have this leaf that I have no need for.

I also like doing needle art, mainly needlepoint, and this cross stitch has a story attached to it.  At on time I tired of military wifes complaining about the base (post) we were at. I just felt you make the best of where you are at especially being a military spouse. Complaining will not make the place the same as “home” so find reason you like the place that “home” does hot have. Heck, my “home” did not have 100 percent humility so I got free saunas at the base in Florida.  “Home” did not have the four season in one day as other places I lived. “home at two. “Home” did not have tornadoes but “Home was blessed with earthquakes. Anyway, I came across this cross stitch that someone must have the same feelings.  I stitched it and had it at my entrance for years.  Some did not find humor in it.

The last object is a jar filled with sand holding lollipops  made  a long time ago by Dear Daughter  #2.  It is just taking up space and I really never liked it but felt guilt about removing it. Time to go now.

Broken and Forgotten – Too Much Stuff

Worn out belt. jacket with broken zipper and a unused box.

Worn out belt. jacket with broken zipper and an unused box.


I was not able to make a post the other day but that did not keep me from finding stuff that I do not need. In the guest/sewing/craft room I found a broken belt. Not sure anyone want or needs it. They may have saved if for the buckle so something. I also found an old check box. I write so few checks anymore. Today I found this old jacket that has a broken zipper in the other cabinet. Let’s face it I am not going to fix it anytime soon. I will just buy another jacket. It is a nice warm fleece and really too bad the zipper was not the same quality as the rest of the jacket.

Heck, Why Not? Too Much Stuff



While I was going down to the basement to add item to our emergency supplies I looked for anything I have not used for a long time. To my surprise I found this candle that really looks like it has been chewed on by a critter. Do I have another invasion of a packrat. I hope not. Anyway the top looks neat I think but the bottom is really uneven on one side.




I also notice an old plastic storage container that I stopped using after I went to mostly glass. Another item I know I have not used in a long time and maybe never is a Quiché pan. Do you remember the Quiché phase in the 80’s? I somehow got three of these and use the other two on a rack for serving cookies and other items.



TOO Much Stuff -In the Car



Today was a beautiful day. A little more wind than I like but the temperature is lower 70’s. It is a really nice day to go take pictures and I might do so in a little while. Before doing some grooming on my donkeys I decided it was a good day to clean out the car. So today Too Much Stuff is from my car. We live on a gravel road so it tends to get dusty inside and out very quickly. I also decided to clean out the cubby and was surprized of all the stuff pack in there. Mostly from someone using the car at one time. I was very surprized to find three broken claw type hair clips. and seven hair bands. I aslo found a bunch of key rings that I had for a project at one time. The rings will go into my crafts area which is another place that needs cleaning out.  So now I have a bag that goes into the trash. The fur is my cat checking out the bag.

Bathroom Redo with Stuff I Had


Since I change the breakfast nook area and had some STUFF without a home I decided to change the bathroom decor. I went from a sort of Victorian style to more of a craftsman’s style to fit the decor home. Not totally convinced I like all that I have arranged but I REALLY wanted to get rid of the angel and dusty faux plant. The crystal plate, crystal tea candle holder and little animals I were also so done with.  Now if only I can get Mr. Gadget to move the meds.






Dust Magnet Last Pour


Wine Rack


I have not used this as real wine storage since I purchased a wine fridge. The fridge keeps beverages at a nice temperature and wine bottles that are dust free. That is part of the hazard of living in farmland. You will get dust. Having good windows helps not only to keep out the cold and hot summer heat but also dust. This was in our breakfast nook area. Yes, I know it is wine but that is where is was but more for decor. It held some nice decor and bottle but it was such a dust and fur collector. For come reason all dog and cat fur loved it. All of the bottle also liked to collect dust. It was a hassle to dust and to keep the floor around it clean. It is gone now and so we have a cleaner area and more space for another diner. It is in the away room (parlor) waiting for the ride to the donation center. I will remove the corks and throw away the bottles.



Breakfast Nook


We did not get rid of the wine rack just to clean up the area but we need to place our Big Berkey water filer.  This is one of the best  filtration systems.  We use it to filter well water with a very low possibility of virus contamination. The CDC Guide explains this.  If I had to use pond or river water in an emergency I would boil or use another method to kill viruses. This filter can remove chemicals which concern us.



Plink Plank Plunk And Out Goes The Light

plink plank plunk

Plink Plank Plunk And Out Goes The Light



As I was walking down our hallway yesterday I hit a lamp we have had for many years. It is like many items in the house. A thing without a proper home. It is too big for most table. At one time it was created for a living room with another almost matching lamp. I say almost matching becasue the flowers are different. The contents of these lamps can be changed if I can find new parts for the top that broke, but still they are too large of a scale for what I have. Time for another item to go.



tms lamb

Vases ARE For Flowers But How Many Do You Really Need



Today I am setting aside a simple vase. I have a number of vases that I use when I have flowers in the spring. Most of the time I use the smaller ones but I have a few large ones. However, how many do I really need. The glass ones are inexpensive so I am getting myself rid of this one and who knows maybe I will part with more later.  Just let it go I say. A good reason to keep it is not you might use it one day.

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