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Baby Blanket



This is my latest project. A baby blanket for a baby that should arrive very soon. This is a cotton and fleece blanket with a satin trim. It should be very warm and cozy.

Fabric Headboard

One of the gifts we got last Christmas as a couple was a king size bed and of course. the sheets, blankets and  other items needed when upgrading to a larger bed. It was one change I just wonder why it took so long for us.   We like the look of the fabric headboard but we either did not like the choices or they were  a huge price shock. So we decide to make out own. After finding fabric that would work with our winter comforter we set about cutting a piece of plywood to the shape we desired. The wood was covered with batting using a spray adhesive. Fabric was then stretched and stapled to the back of the board. It is going to look nice against the wall once I get it painted and away from the paneling.  More to come! Can you tell I like the old world look?


Fabric Headboard

Fabric Headboard

Slow and Steady Weekend

shirly tulip



It was one of those indoor weekends do to the doom and gloom weather. We needed the rain but I really wanted to get more planted.  I can only hope it will be dryer in a few days.

Do deal with the not so welcoming cool rainy weather we did get a few projects completed in the house. The kitchen walls have all been repainted an off white. Now the kitchen looks cleaner, brighter and more welcoming. I painted the board on top of the stove the same color but I am not totally happy with it. My mindis thinking and I have searched for ideas on the internet for ideas. The computer changed locations again. It is back into the family room.

One bedroom is now available again so it has been again changed back into a guest/sewing/crafts room. It will be nice again to have a sewing room that will have heating and cooling available. I will still need to do some touch up. My creative juices are starting to get geared up for the times when it is too hot or nasty outside. I hope it is also a nice  room for anyone visiting.





It was a nice day to have soap since it was so cool. I had some beets in the fridge and a bit of cabbage. I added diced beets and some sliced cabbage to a quarts of homemade chicken soup. It made a delicious and very easy lunch. It you do not have any home canned soup a store purchased soup without noodles would work or chicken broth and 1/2 cup cubed chicken.

1 quart of ready to eat canned chicken soup

2 medium beets, cubed

1/4 cabbage, sliced thin

Add the beets and cabbage in the soup and cook until the beets a cooked. It took about 10 minutes time


Amusing Fabric Names


Mill Creek Jelly Belly Multi Fabric


Usually this time of year I am very busy making all types of cookies, pies and planning for Christmas meals. This year with no visitors it is going to be a slow and quiet Christmas. It seems weird but I keep thinking I need to do something. I am not complaining because the lack of the rushing around has allowed me to continue with my sewing and craft projects. I noramally have to put it all away. So now I am in the process of making some pants for little man. II should finish them today to put under the tree.

It seems fabric have gone the way of wine labels in a quest to create amusing names for their fabrics some manes have gotten strange. Maybe laws have made the companies look for clever names for their fabrics becasue I don’t think anyone buys by name.  I know I don’t even look at the names. When I go into a fabric store or online I am looking at colors and certain prints. It was fun looking at fabric names and you might want to try it yourself to see what you find.  Caution: you will also find fabrics you want to buy!


1.  Ahoy Briny

Briny can mean sea but it it give me more images of salty water to me.

2. Wranglers Brite

I do not get this fabric with pin-up men all over.  Curtain maybe for a teen age girls room?

3. The British are Coming Scooters on cream

Then I suppose they are coming by land instead of by sea.

4. M&M’s Lentilicious Character Toss Fabric

I don’t get this name. Were are the lentils?

5. Finger Licking Good Cream Fabric

I really like this fabric. I like chickens but why did they name a rooster print finger licking good. Maybe the designer was hungry for KFC that day.

6.  Holy Mackeral Aqua

This fabric has fish, seaweed, starfish and more. I am not sure if they have mackerel or maybe they are coining anew word with the spelling for this surprising pretty print.

7.  Chain Link Dune

No dune can be seen on this fabric so I suppose they are calling the cream color dune. It has a belt chain print. Dang, no chain link fence for me.

8. Jelly Belly Multi Fabric

I like jelly beans but this fabric is not a candy print.

Warm Fleece Blanket

I have really started to like the fleece fabric for its warmth and solfness. It is really great fabic for blankets, pajama bottoms, and jackets. I had purchased some coffee cup print fleece with the intent to make another pair of pajama bottoms but I did not have enough fabric so it became a two layer fleece blanket.   The other fleece was given to me. It was not the best quality and thin but was perfect for the secound layer since it did not make the blanket too heavy. I have made them before using the no sew method and tying the two layers together but I decided with this one I wanted a smoother banket edge. It was either using a silk type binding or the blanket stitch.  It is not that easy to do a blanket stitch that is even and the same distance apart. It took me about 3 hours to complete this project.
With a little practice it make a nice finish on you blanket.




Very simple stich. I used a knot at the end of the thread that I hid inbetween the two layers.







start stitchcrope stictch 3


I did not get the best even finish on the blanket but it was close and should keep the two fabic together for a long time. Now for a cup of hot eat and a warm fire while wrapped in this warm blanket.








In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.”


Hawaiian T-Shirt Quilt

IMG_1751 IMG_1748


I have been working on this quilt on and off for a long time but I fianlly completed it this morning, YA! Now on to other sewing projects.

Boys PJ Pants


I saw this flannel material for sale and I purchased about 6 months ago. I never got around to doing anything this it. I decided tp search for easy pattern that I would be able to use to make fleece pants latter. I used to snicker at the fleece pants I would see people wear at some of the big box stores but after getting some fleece Pj pants a few weeks ago I changed my mind. They are so comfy and are not irritating like most of the sweat pants are. I still would not wear them outside of the home except for maybe a hospital trip. Inside the home comfort rules.

I figured that since this material is so comfy it would also be great for the little man during the winter. I plan to make some fleece tops to match. This very easy pattern was found at Sew Jereli. I lengthen the pattern since little man is thin but taller than average for his age but other than that the 2T size pattern worked really well. This pattern is true to size compared to patterns made by the big pattern companies. No trying to measure a squirming child to get the right size. So a couple more of these in fleece and then off to make a couple of reversible Jon Jons in winter fabric. It is so hard to find cute boys cloths anymore.


Book Covers

I really need book covers to protect my books when going places and at home. Since I belong to it is very useful to keep books in great condition for trading.

I have looked online for patterns or ideals for making mine own covers out of fabric I have. I have a few promising web sites. Now I just need to get my other projects done.


I am still working the the skirts but hope to complete them and the crinolines by this week. As you can see that they are a rainbow of colors. I am hoping to complete them in a day or two since I only need to finish the pink one and sew the black one which is already cut out.

Handy Needle Tomato

Below is a picture of my needle tomato. Sorry about the picture being too fuzzy. I have each section marked to hold the different sizes of machine needles. This makes it easy to find the right size needle while keeping them dry so they do not get rusty. When I am finished with the project I just put the needle in the proper spot.

Three Broken Sewing Machine Needles Later

This beaded trim I was given to make a one of the skirts with has really became a challenge. I tried zigzagged sticking and straight on the side but ended up breaking three of my sewing needles on the machine (it has metal beads) and tearing it out two times because I did not like the bunching I got. I ended up finishing by hand stitching but still not happy with the results.

I like to have a finished edge and this is one way I do so when I am not using a French seam or some other technique. I sew any seams that are going to be pressed out or any stay stitching with my serger. This creates a clean, nice, professional look edge to prevent any raw edges from fraying. It is also more durable than just serging the seam.

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