Hi. I ‘m Lisa.  Gardener and seed collector. I mainly have collected corn and bean seeds but also save many other types of seeds.

I joined Seed Savers a few years ago and mingle with other groups.  On this page you will find a variety of seeds in my collection with a short description and sometimes history. Some of my seeds had been handled down through generations in a family but many others are commercial varieties. If you ever gardened any length of time you might have had a type of seed disappear from catalogs. Trying to avoid that fate I decided to start saving seeds and to also develop strains that will do best in my region.  This is much like how seed were by farmers every year and still is here.

Seed Samples Can Be Had From This Collection………………………………..

I will fill requests for seed samples of the varieties in this collection with seeds I have enough. I am not a seed company, a seed business or seed catalog. This is my private collection of seed that I have saved from my zone 6 garden in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  I grow seed to save and to feed my family with a garden based on calorie needs so most of my garden is devoted towards garden efficiency and three eu dietary elements calories, protein and calcium. A lot of potatoes, grains, beans and peanuts are grown in this garden.  The other crops grown will be for compost and income. I am hoping to get an income of at least $400 per bed or $2800 from 7 income beds to help me buy what I can’t grow. I do like oranges and other warmer climate fruit and vegetables at times.  This is why I need regional seeds rather than seeds breed as multipurpose. Most of my beds are cover and compost crops to produce a closed system of needed elements.

If you are interested in requesting seed use the email address below found in the footer of these web pages to double-check the availability of varieties you are interested in.  Most of these seeds are in very limited amounts. These are sample seeds so you will need to grow them out for at least a year to get enough seeds for eating and saving.  This means at least 25 seeds with the exception of corn that will be 200 seeds.  For small seeds they cost $4 and large seeds $5. I also offer seeds in the Seed Savers Exchange Year Book- KSF BO L.

Prices include shipping and packaging. Price will be $4.00 or $5.00 per packet in the U.S.A. By PayPal using the email address in this sites footer (PayPal payments please add 7% to your total). I will allow at least two weeks for personal checks to clear your bank before your seeds are shipped. Mail your payment to my address after you have contacted me by email.


This website’s most recent update was on Feburary 16, 2015 when I started the page.