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Print and 2017 Decor Trends





The printed word is all over the house. It is still a very popular theme in the average home decor.  I have an interest in home trends. It will be sad to see that cooper is out as long as yellow/ gold paints. I still love the look of my family rooms walls. Grey has also seen its heydays. I was never too much into the grays. I am glad I decided against the subways look in my kitchen. I was a bit leery of the trend. It will make a kitchen look dated very quickly. 


Some trends for 2017




I like the color and it can look wonderful as as accent walls. Look beyond terracotta pots to get into the color.

Dark Greens

Add a touch of dark greens to you chairs.  If you are in to purchasing a new couch or recliner this might be a color you could consider.


CORK is Still In

I am so happy to know this since I still have not started working the beverage center cork back splash.  You will see more cork covered walls in designs.


Reading Areas

This is the best news for me. I was planning to make my away (front) room with a sitting area for reading. Make a comfy spot for reading books, magazines and browsing.


Tropical Prints

This might be a hard one for most to use but think about using a throw pillow with a little tropical suggestions.




I am seeing this trend where I work with some decor items that came in. These will be simple lines, geometric designs, and triangles in fabrics and items.


Texture and more texture

From couches with pleats to other items with weaved large stitches of yarn.  You will continue to see the fur and mohair in designs.



Blue is really really in. It is a beautify color to work work. I have always liked blue in my kitchen.


Jewel Tones

Be careful with this one!.  This is emerald greens, sapphire blues and amethyst purples worked together. What a beautiful look but can spell disaster if not done correctly. 


Raw Wood

As I was looking for a sliding door ideas for my Away room I came across a door make with raw wood. It was awesome look but not the look for the room I am doing.  I am think of making an end table with Osage wood for the family room for change. Maybe find an art form to add.



Will be a trend. It will be easy to add planter. I specifically like the small little greenhouses.




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Were I Stand



We got the first snowfall the other day. A whopping 2 inches on the ground.  The snow is not too bad but the temperature is frigid.  Any temperature under 32 is too cold for me.  i am a beach girl at heart although I love the prairie in many ways.  The cold and the almost constant blowing wind prevents me from falling madly in love with the area.




I started removing items out of the Away (Living Room) today. I want to get the falling ceiling repaired and walls painted.  Trim and doors repainted or stripped and stained. Floor painted and room carpet.  Then it will be decorating the room. Another 2-3 year project I am sure.





A lot of contemplating going around today.  Should I start a project when I will be closing tonight? I do have some trees in the fridge needing to be planted but I really want to take my time and do it right and not do a rush job. I have been doing Mount laundy. One of those mundane tasks that tasks seems to pile up weekly.

I followed Dusty around a bit to see what areas he was contemplating about going into. He seems to do that a lot. The birds are out today and I saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, many House Sparrows, a Blue Jay and a Dark-eyed Junco. Time to get my fabric organized better. It is such a mess.





Today the goal was to put the house back into order for the new year. Putting up the tree and all the trimmings were not too difficult. Mostly because I did not put much of what I have out this year.  This year started again the new year working on reading the bible with the one-year bible companion and reading some book every day. I sued to read about one a month. Anyway,  I started this year with “The Hundred-Foot Journey” and I am finding to be an enjoyable read. Bird observations daily is another goal.  I have found where I work pretty boring,  I did not see one bird yesterday. It was rather windy so maybe they stayed in the bushes and trees. I would not blame them. I still need to go out and do some observation today.

Taking photos is again back on my daily goals. This is the second picture this year. Today’s theme is one word.

After doing some study of Arts and Crafts Era ceilings I found that burlap was very popular so later this month it will be the project to do on the ceiling of this room go get the parlor how I want it. I am excited it is coming to be, finally.  Watch for later updates as I more on.


Canning and Drying Potaotes

Canning and Drying potatoes is a bit of a chore but after all of the peeling, chopping and putting into jars you have food that is nice for quick meals. I can the larger potatoes in chunks and the smaller ones in whole for new potatoes. Some of the larger ones I also dry for usage later.



I have canned slower this year and have only canned 3 jars so far and started drying three levels. I am always amazed at how much they shrink. In the picture above the tray was totally filled, but after a few hours, the tray  is only about 1/4 full.

I do not post canning and drying recipes so if you are interested I suggest going to

National Center for Home Food Preservation logo

A lot of people will tell you their (mother, grandmother or other) always canned this way. However, some germs that can make you sick are more common some places. Why take that chance?


Turkey Bird Hits the Pot




One of my favorite events after Thanksgiving is the Turkey soup. Forget the crowds and hustle and bustle of shopping but give me some warm soup. It is normally an hour-long affair but this year I decided to use my Instant pot pressure cooker. It was great after putting the carcass into the pot with water and vegetables I had soup in 20 minutes.




It does not look fancy and really not all that attractive with its brownish mass but it sure tastes good. Soup is one the hardest items to take pictures of since it lacks texture from above. This soup looks like a grayish mass but adding some flowing greens on top of the soup could add some attraction or just  put a ton of crackers on top.

Anyway, I am one of the people who could do without turkey but like the soup. I made a very simple soup that could have ingredients added or deleted.  However, if you prefer noodles, I would suggest adding cooked noodles after the soup is cooked. Be very careful with taking all the bones out. With this method, all the cartilage falls off too but it is soft. Still it might gross you would it you take a bite of it. You might want to let it cool to do this and then warm it back up again after taking all of it out.

I used barley since I try to avoid as much wheat as possible. The barley cooked really well just added with all the other ingredients before cooking plus it was one step closer to dinner. Who can argue with that?

Turkey Soup

1 turkey carcass with some meat left on the bones

8 to 10 cups of water

1 package of mixed frozen vegetables. You can cut up any vegetable you like and add to pot at this time.

1 cup barley or add  cooked noodles after cooking soup. Adding potatoes near the end of the cooking time might work for some.

1 teaspoon of spice mixed or a mixture of any spices you enjoy.

Salt and pepper to taste.


I broke up the carcass to fit into the pot and then added water to cover the bones. Add you seasoning. Close the pot and set the soup button which is 20 minutes on high pressure. After it is done let is naturally lose pressure or for the impatient types open the valve to release pressure. No names here. A word of caution! Only release the pressures on the cooking types and be very careful of the steam. Believe me, I have some experience, it is very hot.


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Fall On and Potato Harvest



I got the Fall on. I only decorate the dinning room anymore although I really like fall colors. I know a lot of people already have the Christmas theme going on but I can’t until after Thanksgiving.


Today harvested the potatoes. It took about 3 hours to dig them all out getting this cart full. I tried and hope it will make for a good nights sleep. So now they are waiting for sorting. I boiled a few small ones for dinner and boy were they delicious. These will be great for storing, canning and drying later.




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Candy Board for the Bees


It is that time of year to put a candy board to make sure the bees do not starve during the winter.

This is a simple process. What you need to do is dissolve the sugar in the least amount of water possible and then cook it to remove most of the water. some just use water while others add vinegar and other stuff. I just do the vinegar and sugar. You heat up the mixture to a hard candy temperature and then pour into a mold. Some make boards like I have while others just use baking pans to pour the mixture into. The foil in the middle is a hole for the bees to crawl into to get the sugar. I made enough for two to three hive but one can double this recipe to make more.


5 lbs. sugar

1/2 quart water

1 Tablespoon vinegar

Prepare molds by spray, covering lightly with oil or covering with parchment paper. I just pour on these bee boards.  Put the on a flat, heat proof surface.

Measure the water and vinegar into a large pot and bring to a simmer. Pour in the sugar, stirring until it dissolves.

After the sugar dissolves put the heat to medium high and stop stirring. Insert a candy thermometer into the pot. Boil until the thermometer reads 250º degrees. F.

Remove from the heat and carefully pour into your molds. Allow for it to cool completely and then store between wax paper until you put on the hive.


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Thankful for November Colors

Pyracantha and crap apples are plants you love or hate. The pyacantha has large thorns that you have to be careful of.  Still, I like these plants for their fall berry/fruit colors.  These plants are also part of my Arts and Craft Garden planting.




Thankful for Territory



Definition: an indeterminate geographic area


This was a hard picture to do. What is a territory in my life. I went with an area I live and breathe. That is home. This is the sunset I see in the evening on my porch.

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